Empowering Thought for Today:  Obstacles are apart of Life:  Press On!

I actually get it. Like I really comprehend. Obstacles are going to be apart of your life as long as you live. Many of us want a quick fix or we want problems removed, but life doesn’t work that way.
Jesus tells us in this life you will have trouble. (John 16:33)

The Apostle Paul quotes ” we are hard pressed on every side , but not crushed. Perplexed but not in despair”. (2nd Corinthians 4:8)
Although trouble comes and hard times come we as believers should not be phased or moved by any of it. Why? Our trust and hope is in our God.
We must stay focused on the author and finisher of our faith! ( Heb. 12:10)

We must press into God; pursue him with a madness ; obey him for our very lives depend on it.
Don’t be discouraged; be encouraged you are a victor not a victim .
Amen, Lady P.
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Empowering thought for Today:  Excuses are useless:  Pray, Hear and Do!

Featured Image -- 2364I’m in the process of losing weight!  Enough said!  In the beginning if this new year, my Pastor gave us three words to be our a tea the ought the year :  Be encouraged. See beyond and aggressively pursue! Powerful dynamic word.

I NEED THE ENCOURAGMENT ALMOST DAILY!  The harder part is seeing beyond the weight.  I want like most who need to lose a sig if ant amount want overnight success.  Not going to happen.  The last phrase of this admonishment is to aggressively pursue .  Why aggressive?  Your old thinking and your adversary will not let you get a sweet victory. You will have to fight him tooth and nail and you will have to dump the excuses.

God told me the other day excuses are useless.  Excuses are lies that have to be brought down by the power of God’s word.

You never get that weight off,  you’ll never get a promotion.  Whatever is your lie or excuse God said the remedy is pray, hear and do!.  Trust is an important factor in our relationship with God.  We will never get around it!

So I’m encouraging all of us to KILL the excuses!

Love, Lady P.
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Empowering Thought for Today:  Ask The Lord to Align You

Matthew 6:33
I thank God he doesn’t give up on people. There is always hope and a clean slate everyday with God if you are in Christ. I’m always asking God to align me to his word and will because many times if I don’t continue to abide in him I start drifting into my own opinions and thoughts or others opinions and thoughts.
There are days I don’t feel very priestly or my bank account looks like I’m the tail and not the head. You know the days where what God has declared over his children just looks like the wrong outfit on you !
Our five senses are a wonderful creation but your senses on their own can deceive you if you are a citizen of heaven. God wants us to not just say what he has said he wants us to live and breathe it.  
One of the greatest prayers we can pray is : Lord align me to your will! Align means to being something back to its appropriate position. Our position should always be repentance with thanksgiving. We can never take God’s grace and mercy for granted.
We all should have God’s desire in our heart; his kingdom first . Everyday we should be dying to self and surrendering our will until him.
I dare you to ask God to Align you and watch him transform you from the inside out!
Love, Lady P.
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Empowering Thought for Today:  Don’t let present troubles trouble you!

Suffering, trials, temptations and hardships.  Whether your a newborn or celebrating a hundred these adjectives are apart of everyone’s journey.  For the believer it seems to never end.  There will always be some crises, some unbearable circumstance that will try your JOY. 

There are times when TROUBLE shouts “look over here” or “focus on me”.  This is when every true warrior must look circumstances in the eye and make a decision:  The decision to trust God not quit , not give into your pain and feelings.

We all have faith and doubt moments which are called choices.  We must choose God’s way and his way is although troubles may be present he is also present.  Now which one has more power in your presence?

Love, Lady P.

Empowering Thought for Today:  Be Grateful

When I was younger I use to hear this story about a guy who was complaining about not,having shoes until he met a guy who didn’t have feet.  This story always bring life back to perspective for me.  There are a million people,who,would,trade p,aces with me or you despite of some of the things we face.

There is always something you could complain about but there is always something we should be grateful for.

When we are going through or facing our own situations that look daunting we all think nothing could be worse than our situations until we look around at others who are not as fortunate.

Nothing special in this blog but to remind us of being grateful or another word thankful.

Love, Lady P.

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Empowering Thought for Today:  God’s Love for us is Indescrible

I remember the first time I fell in Love with Jesus.  I was 14 and I had a birthday that went wrong:  I had a fight with my best friend, so in my young mind I thought it was so bad that I attempted suicide.  This circumstance actually led me to Christ.

I couldn’t believe that God loved someone like me-unconditionally .  I have many bumps and bruises in my walk with God but this I know:

  1.  God Love overwhelms me
  2. God love is freeing
  3. God Love is protective

My older brother found me(he’s dead now). Somehow he saw I was upset more than usual.  He saw I had taken a knife.  Just as I was about to sever a major artery he took the knife from me.  I see God in all of that circumstance.

To me:  God’s love is just indescribable !

Be blessed , Love P.

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Empowering Thought for Today:  You are extremely important to God!

As a younger person I used to actually think I did not make a difference .  One of my favorite movies is:  It’s a wonderful life!  Many individuals go through there everyday routine of life and never stop and think why am I still around?  The bottom line is “bad and horrific ” things happened to a lot of people.  Whether you’re saved or not at this time God has placed value on your life.  Whether you value what he sees doesn’t make it less true that you are important to him.

 God sent his don to die for you.  Can you imagine that ?  I cannot because I don’t won’t any of my children to due for nobody neither do I want to make that sacrifice .  So wherever you are and whatever you’re doing and whatever you’re going through- God loved us first !   His validation is the only thing that matters.  We need to stop holding people hostage for failing us according to our perspective .  Reach and stretch to receive God’s love.  Let him show you why you were created.  Let him show you your value!!!!!!!!!  

Amen, Lady P.

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Empowering Thought for Today:  Distress?  Call out to God

Featured Image -- 2364Have you ever been numb? Just couldn’t wrap your mind around some situations in your life? Your voice, your body and your mind had shut down so much that you could not even voice your pain?
When you tried to reach for something or someone external to fix the internal struggle that was going on? I’ve been there and if you’re hones you’ve been there. Yes saved and anointed I have some things that made me just moan….

I’ve cried so hard I had no more tears … You know just one of those moments where no one could comfort you at all.
One place I know I can go. I go to my secret place . That place isn’t a specific room in my house as much as it is a place of isolation. I go to my secret place and I can be me and God can be him….. I tell him everything even the groaning and moaning. I tell you I have never left that place disappointed . Many reach for a person , a drink, a drug to numb the pain , but I can lay down my every burden and be released from every frustration .
Try Jesus if you don’t know him for me and others like me he is my only resource!

Love, P.

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Empowering Thought for Today:  God is my Defense;Whose yours ?

Our military system pays billions of dollars to defend this country.  Unfortunately, they treat the military soilders with. Lack of respect .  While I was in church God started telling me he was my FORTRESS! (Psalm 18:2) a wall of protection around me. Well like my most nosey self I begin to think physical protection ONLY.  As I meditated on this passage of scripture as well as other scriptures I began to see patterns of words such as:  Rock, refuge, fortress , deliverer, shield, stronghold and horn of salvation.  As I began to meditate on this I saw that I had a choice, I could completely lean on God for support or trust my skill sets, talents and abilities and as I write this I find this hilarious.  

There are times we are not just in physical warfare but there are times where main,y the battle is against our minds, the seat of our will,and emotions.   You literally battle in your mind.  So, I started to take this scripture and battle and prayer over this word.   That no matter what I face that I would. It let fear and unbelief rule my life.  That God is my rock, fortress, refuge, etc.  Tame the word and do warfare with it, believe me we never can relax when the enemy is raging.  We also must not be to anxious about him doing what he was called to do, but we must trust God without reservation!

Love, P.

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Empowering Thought for Today:  Jesus is My Life-No Apologies

I have gone through many storms in my life to see the hand of God literally bless me with so much.  I will soon be 51, but there was a time in my life where I was prophelied too and told because of an endocrine disorder I had unbeknownst to me at the age of 18 would hinder my chances of conceiving.

God straight up and down gave me a miracle , actually as I look back over my past God’s hand has been evident in my life, long before I excepted Jesus as my personal savior.  Another physician said ” I wouldn’t live to 50 I will die!  I’m certain all of us have been accused of things we didn’t do, been misunderstood, been the victim of jealousy, etc but there’s nothing new under the sun.

When we except Jesus there is no pie in the sky, there is no I hit the lottery type of mentality.  You must abide in Christ to live the abundant life he promised.

This is a decision I’ve made therefore my life is Christ!  There is no going back and I cannot afford to act as if he doesn’t exist in my life.  Good, bad or indifferent he is the rock of my salvation!

love, P.

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Empowering Thought for Today:  God wants to be your problem solver

Many people like to do these three things when they are confronted with problems:  Panic, procrastinate or attempt to fix the problem.

As Christians one of the most vital elements of walking with Christ is to rely on or trust him.  Jesus has given us the green light to bring every situation to him with the assurance that he hears and answers our petitions.

So, when you are faced with a problem please remember the problem solver.

Love, P.

John 16:33; 2nd Kings 20, Isaiah 38

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Five keys to “Persisting “in Prayer! (Mt:18:1)

Persistence means the ability to continuing on in spite of obstacles and trials until your prayers are manifested.  Here are 5 keys to persisting and staying consistent in prayer.

1.Keep asking, seeking and Knocking (Mt 7:7)

2. Maintain your focus because obstacles and distraction will come ( Neh 6-7)

3. Your faith must have action (James 2:14-26)

4.  Join your faith with other believers ( met:18:19)

5.  Get. Dog dish (not literally). For example:  when I was dealing with infertility I bought a baby blue outfit hung it in my closet as a visual of my prayers.

Whatever you are believing for don’t become hyper focused.  Life is still going on so:

A.  Enjoy your life

B.  Trust God for all outcomes

C. If you become weary lean on The Holy Spirit and other believers


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Empowering Thought for Today:  What are you Thinking about?

imageIn our fast paced culture we are constantly being enudated with many distractions.  Many of us need a distraction from the distraction.

In my intimate time with The Lord, The Holy Spirit whispered this scripture in my heart in Phillipians 4:8

Most of my walk with Christ had been filled with inconsistencies and negative thinking,  but as I continue to grow in Christ, I continue to get strategies from The word of God that aid me in my walk with Christ.

Lately, I’ve been dealing with different types of illnesses within me and within my family.  I begin to become sad and starting brooding when The Holy Spirit interrupted my thoughts by saying:  is there disease in heaven?  Is there poverty in heaven?  Is God thinking negative thoughts towards you?

Of course, I had to say no!  Then The Holy Spirit began telling me that I sat in heavenly places and that I can decree that which is not in heaven to be gone.  As I began to decree healing over my life the current pain I was experiencing in my body immediately left.  I notice my temperament changed to one of peace and joy.

Like only The Holy Spirit can do he brought Phillipians 4:8 back to my memory and as I mediate on this scripture it helps my mind not to be so distracted.  This scripture eliminates a lot of negativity in my mind.

So, let me ask you…. what are you thinking about?

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble , whatever is right, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy- think about such things.(NIV)


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Empowering Thought for Today:  The best prayer is an honest prayer

in it’s most simplest of definition, pray is connecting with God.  Have you ever been at a place and you had very few words?  You’re only saying one to two words.

Peter is a great example of that when Jesus tells him to come join him on the water and he gets distracted and falls in the water he yells “Lord, Save me”. (Matthew 14:30).

Even Jesus tells us how to “not approach God” with a bunch of long rhetoric or empty phrases.  ( Matthew 6:7)

There have been literal times where I did not or could not say anything because what I was dealing with was so heavy there were no words to say.  I was literally crying or moaning.  So,  if I don’t say words am I praying?  Yes,  you are always connected to God.  He never walks out and leaves us , he is a PRESENT help. ( Heb 13:5 and Psalm 46:1)

We can be comforted by the truth that when we ourselves cannot articulate what is going on ,  The Holy Spirit himself prays for us and communicates our heart to God. ( Romans 8:26)

We should be so encouraged to know that God hears our prayers and not only will he  hear but will answer it according to his will.

Amen,  P.

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Empowering Thought for Today:  SHAKE it OFF!

when I was young , a middle schooler my friend and I was on skates and my brother was chasing us.  Of course we had the advantage in our minds because we were faster.  Unfortunately for me my brother caught me and tripped me in my skates.  That day I skinned my face like you skin your knee.  Blood was pouring out of my face from every where not to mention I was disfigured.

The people who saw it was looking at my face in horror and my poor brother was scared and remorseful for what he did although it was simple child ‘s play.  My mother panic and back in my times you didn’t go to emergency rooms and doctors because many African-Americans couldn’t afford it.

I was sent to my adopted mom who looked at me and didn’t flinch.  There was something about her calmness and assurance in that moment that made me keep it together.  I looked in the mirror and I mean I needed a plastic surgeon.  I was crying so bad from the pain and the monstrosity which was now my new look.

I was shunned of course,  people could barely look at me,  but I was told to go outside and I kept my normal routine.  Even when people didn’t want to look at me all scarred.  My adopted mom looked at me everyday as she literally put Vaseline and macurucorn ( I’m sure I’m not spelling it correctly). On my face daily for 3 months.  She was telling me as a young girl:  I love you even though you’re disfigured and rejected by others.  I look at your wounds in spite of the cuts and bruises.  She looked at me and declared you’re going to be healed:  Shake it off!!!!!!

In others words she told me to keep it moving forward this is just a hiccup!!!

That’s what God is saying to many of us.  We have been battle scared and rejected by men.  Disfigured and accused by the enemy,  yet God says SHAKE it OFF!  I am your healer,  I am the one who loves you,  keep looking at me and as you look at me I will become bigger in your life and all the other things will become obsolete.

Today looking at my beautiful face you would never know I had that accident.  I have a small scar near my lip that has faded with time, but it has been a reminder to me when I notice it:  Shake off the insignificant things and press into Christ.

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Empowering Thought for Today:  Tag You’re It:  God has chosen you!

when I was younger and not saved I had this deep need to be accepted.  The brokenness and rejection in my own family life cause a deep emptiness.  This sort of made me go out and seek other people’s crumbs.
I was never the “cool kid nor the “brainy” one either. I was the one who didn’t fit in a category.  I was the mis-fit.  I had my own drum I followed.  I was outgoing enough but I was never “chosen” 

My story took on a new identity when Jesus entered my life.  As I read God’s word and found out I was “chosen” my heart rejoiced.  ( Jn 15:16&John 6:44)

God hand picked me, singled me out, placed his attention and affection on me.  The wonderful thing about this is:  I didn’t have to have a certain status , Jesus just accepts me.  I came broken and battered and heart full of pain and grief .  Loneliness used to be my best friend but Jesus has turned it around for me.

No longer do I look to be “chosen” because I already apart of God’s Kingdom.  Even wen others reject me , God hasn’t and on a daily basis I get to talk to God, free of charge and 24/7!

Want to know a secret :  The President isn’t the most powerful man it’s JESUS and he knows me!.

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Empowering Thought for Today:  Going somewhere you never been before in God!

Isaiah 55:8-9

Many individuals get excited about going somewhere they have never visited.  I know I do!  Like when I visited Chicago for the first time I was like :  Oh my goodness , the food in this place was great.  Unlike in the natural realm where you know where you’re going and you might can even goggle your destination, it is not the same in the spiritual realm.

Many times in my walk with The Lord I always had to make a decision just like when I accepted Christ I made a decision but little did I know what that decision led too.  People make out like all your problems are over once you give your life to Jesus when in actuality you’re never problem free you just have a greater resource now on how to handle them.

It is unnerving to go to places whether there physical , emotional or spiritual without any knowledge of what to expect.

God consistently has done this in my own walk with him.  I have made decisions for Christ and man did the fires start burning.  I’ve lost relatives, friends and even the believers looked at me like I had two heads.  These have been my walks of faith where you cannot understand and see where you’re going.

Over the years what I have gained from this is a deeper trust and connection with God.  God has shown me:  you don’t have to understand because he knows everything.  You don’t have to be that controlling because he’s in control now hand over the reigns.

For many this is daunting because we are motivated by what we see, hear, feel or touch, but The kingdom of God operates so much differently than The systems of this world.  We can look at many situations in the scriptures and see that God’s requirements are so different from what the worlds system requires of us.

For example, Samuel’s anointing of David.  His own father didn’t think he was a candidate but God had other thoughts about that.  

We can never know God’s mind concerning us!  He gives us bits and pieces through our connection with him and others in the body , but we will never get the full picture in the beginning.  The whole process of promise to manifestation is your faith , growing and maturing it.  Therefore, it’s never enough to go to church you have to be the church!  It’s never enough to read the scriptures you have to be a living epistle!  It’s not enough to go through religious acts you now have to be led by The Holy Spirit.  

God has sent Jesus so we can live his abundant life , but it’s not a life without pain, struggle and obstacles but it’s a life that in spite of these things it’s a life of Truimphant.


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Empowering Thought for Today:  YOU, God is LOOKING for YOU!

As children we all played the game, Hide-N-Seek.  Well the good news for you is if you just got saved or been saved a while, you are now a SoilderIn The Army of The Lord.  Here are just a few things soilders in the kingdom need to do!

1.  Stay connected to CHRIST who is connected to God.  You need orders

2.  Basic Training-  you must know how to fight and get acquainted with your equipment

3.  Learn your enemy

4.  Stay focus… Soilders cannot be easily distracted .  Don’t get entangle with the world system

5.  Stay prepared, alert , diligent and watchful –  we fight everyday in this army

6.  Keep fit physically and spiritually

7.  Learn when to rest- a tired soilder is a soilder that makes mistakes 

8.  You’re responsible for other soilders

9.  Follow directions…… This is not JUST about you… Not following orders could hurt you and others

10.  Stay prayerful that means you have to as number one states:  stay connected

Hell is REAL and SATAN is real…. He’s defeated but if you don’t know that you will be a defeated christisn who actually has victory.

Actually , The Chief of the Army has defeated DEATH and HELL………..  So , you must use every weapon God has given to you…..

Love You,  now fight the good fight of faith!


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Empowering Thought for Today:  Jesus Had a Moment!

One of my favorite things to say when life becomes challenging is: “Give me a moment”.
everybody needs a moment. When everybody calling and pulling on you at one time- “I need a moment”.
when you have more bills than money-“I need a Moment”. when people giving you the side eye and talking kind of crazy- Yeah, I need a moment.

Paul tell us that we need our armour on because we need to be alert, dilligent and watchful. Paul tells us not just for you but you should have every believer’s back.

Jesus had a moment. he knew since he left his hime in glory and entered the womb of a woman this moment was to arrive.
Have you ever faced a situation where you needed no extra distractions or drama, but dram and distractions were all around. Jesus faced this and ive read these passages before but came away with more love for Jesus.
Jesus about to face death and the disciples are arguing, Peter is getyin ready to deny him and Judas is about to betray him.
He needs a moment where he can quiet his thoughts with prayer so he goes to that familiar place. while in the Garden of Gethsemane he wants the disciples to pray with him, they cannot even do that for they fall asleep.
Ever been through something and you thought you needed support but couldnt find nobody?
felt like you were about to drown but there was no life jacket?
There are just some things we have to face alone without human intervention. There will be times that you and God alone have to talk that thing out.
Prayer is work and there are times you got to stand until you get your breakthrough.
I have moments like Jesus where I through my hands in the air and say Lord, please indont wsnt to deal with this or that. Even in the midst of the thing thats causing pain and anquish theres something about being in God’s presence begins to give you peace and perspective.
Jesus says “not my will, but yours be done”. We all habe to face moments like that where we have to trust God in all things. Concede our plans and ideas. we always have to look to God as our helper.
No matter what we face or come up against, we dont have to face things alone.

This particular passage of scripture really speaks volumes and I recommend every body to re read Jesus in the Garden of Gesthamane. ( Luke 22:39-46)

Have a prayerful Day,


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Empowering Thought for Today:   You have your own Journey with God

The Devil has been masquerading for years like he is equal to God!  Not!  He’s not even close but he has worked overtime to convince many that God is angry and doesn’t care for his children.  Our society even attributes hurricanes, tornados and such as “God Disasters”.

I got saved at 14  ( im 50 now) but I have more of a relationship with God in the past 10 years than when I first got saved.  I was a lazy Christian always depending on someone to feed me and when you do that you’re bound to get some contamination.

Now,  we need pastors true pastors I’ll fight anyone that has no respect for a pastor because a true shepherd loves God sheep and know they belong to God and not to them.  There on loan.  I am not blaming anyone because this was all my fault .  I never Read my Bible.  I would pray but was defeated in any good day off the week.  I listened more to the lies of Satan than I believed God.  In other words,  I was my own worst enemy.

I depended too much on people.  I believe I was a worm in the Body of Christ and these mighty men and women of God knew more than me , so they could have told me anything and some did.   I got tired of the results in my life and started questioning who God really to me.

I wanted my own relationship,with God not the pastors.  I stopped believing I had to go to seminary school to read the scriptures ( I actually went).   I had to be ordained to serve people.  Just absolute craziness.

One day while talking with God I simply said:  “I’m your handmaiden” and that just resonated with my spirit.  I could sense God’s Glory all over me.  Little by little as I spent time alone with God I began to change on the inside.  Even some of my friends was saying : “wow”. You’re different.   Day by day God helps me know him better.

I came from admiring other people’s relationship with God to knocking you out of the way to enjoy my own with him.  I stopped desiring others people’s gifts and began to find out my own and how much I really enjoy using them. ( prophetic intercession, prophet, worshipper, writer). Just to name a few.  I learned I just had to be willing and hungry for him to be used by him.  I didn’t need a church to pastor God’s people.  I didn’t need anymore ordination services with titles I was living up to anyway.  ( yes I’ve been ordained 3 times). I’m not against ordination but what I’m against is when we cripple other believers by ,spoon feeding them.  The five fold ministry is to equip the saints.  Have you ever seen a saint doing what God has them to do?  It’s a blessing to God, the body and it gives the validation from Poppa.  God put that gift inside of you  and gave you talent.

A lady contacted me and asked for prayer .  Her request:  she wanted a famous televangelists annoiting and gift.  I told her I couldn’t prayer for that because God has given her her own gift(s).  She insisted she wanted there gifts.  I did pray for here but not what she wanted and neither did I judge her or criticize her because I like her did that  for so many years.  Now I can’t wait to get out of bed to be me.   I check  and re-check scripture not to find fault but so I can be a student of God’s word.  Paul admonishes us not to be thrown about by every wind and doctrine ( Ephesians 4:14 ). And believe me theres a lot of false doctrine.

Hey enjoy your journey!


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Empowering Thought for Today:  Strategies Satan use against your Prayer Life!

Jesus tells us men should always pray and not give up ( Kuke 18:1a)So the least and the most we can do on any given day and time is to communicate with our Heavenly Father.

Prayer much like praise is a tactic against satanic forces.  That’s why prayer is more than a religious act.  Prayer is more than words and time.  Prayer is action!  Prayer involves faith and faith without works is dead( scripture).

Prayer is the most attacked by the kingdom of darkness. Prayer tears downs strongholds and invisible kingdoms. If a believer has no prayer life it’s like saying they have no oxygen and connection to their lifeline.

Satan doesn’t mind you holding prayer meetings if you are going to gossip or if they become cliques.  You’re not effective.  Prayer takes work, many speak littke if this fact.  A warrior is someibe who fights, fighting takes skill, energy and time.  Translation:  Work

The enemy comes to steal , kill and destroy and this includes your prayer life. ( John 10:10

Here are tactics the enemy uses to come against your personal time with God:

1.  Deception.  Know the word because if you don’t he will feed you lies.

You ever heard it doesn’t take all of that?  Well it does and more

2. Distractions .  This is the big one if he can get your focus somewhere else then you’re not praying.

3.  Discouragement.  Ever prayed for something and it didn’t happen ?  You think?  Prayer takes persistence which takes patience to wait on the promise, but discouragement will cause us to talk ourselves out if faith.

4.  Delays.  This is one too!  I prayed for a husband and it didn’t happen.  Read Daniel 10th chapter that should explain delays.

What we must not to do is lose heart,  the prayer that God listens to is the one prayed by faith with the expectation that in God’s timing he will answer.  In the meantime,  Praise him!


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Empowering Thought for Today:  Have you KISSED God Today?

we must always be reminded because you’re busy doesn’t mean your productive nor producing for The kingdom of God. (Ouch!). I know that sting because we think if we gave to the poor, paid our tithes and didn’t cuss out our supervisors we did great for Jesus.  Yes I said cuss !

One thing that Jesus shows us consistently in scripture is that he kissed God daily and often .  I know you’re saying how can you kiss God he’s a Spirit.  The Greek word for “Worship” means to “Kiss”.  Worship is more than 2 fast songs and 2 slow ones .  It is more than a choir singing or the worship leader leading a congregation.

If you had noe of these attributes or couldn’t sing your way out of trouble you can still worship God.

How, you say?  We are to worship God with our lives in spirit and in truth!  (John 4:23-24)

What if you cannot speak ?  Or hear?  Last month I had laryngitis that left me writing out my thoughts and requests but you know what I still Worshipped God.

Do you worship God when things are great only?  Do you worship God when everything is going your way?  Do you worship God when people reject you and revile you?  Do you worship God when death and sickness come?  Do you worship God when there’s no one else around?

Only you can answer these questions.  For me,  I just want to be with God, even if he doesn’t do anything else for me ( but he will). I want God to see me approaching him and he just smiling.  Because I’m not giving him a “to do list”.  I run from people who are always begging for something.  Now don’t get me wrong God says to Ask and by all means ask but there’s more to God than him being a slot machine.

Well take time out today, right now,  it’s never to late, go give God a big ole Kiss!


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Empowering Thought for Today: Back against the Wall? Jump over the wall with Praise!

My best times to hear God is in my car.  It’s quiet and I’m just listening for The Holy Spirit to drop some nuggets.

We can all agree there is a lot going on in the world and in our present circumstances.  People do a lot of things to relieve pressure and stress in times of difficulty.  Some may exercise, take a hot bath and take a nap.  Whatever they do believers have to take it one step further.

Bubble baths are not going to do it when we are fighting a spiritual battle.  Exercise won’t help you with a spiritual Attack at all.  

Last Christmas I made a mistake with our finances and there was NO MORE MONEY and my sons tuition was due on December 22nd.  At first,  I must admit I panicked and told every friend who would listen my sad story.  After I had my moment I needed answers on what to do.  No I didn’t call the elders of the church, neither did I borrow money.  I began to praise God,  yes I did and there was no answer right away!  Because I had to wait a bit I was willing to ket God know although I had messed up I was going to trust him to help me out.

God did just that!  My son continued to school and all our bills got paid , we ate well and yes I still gave.

The Psalmist tell us “Let everything that hath breath, praise The Lord”.  (Psalm 150:6). Do you have breath?  Then bellow out some praise!


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Empowering Thought for Today: Don’t Retreat proceed with victory!

I decided back in the early 90’s to go back to school. I had a small toddler and was on my second child. I had a duel major, Speech/Political Science and I was taking a full load of classes and about 7 months pregnant with “cankles”. ( ladies who had babies get it)

I had two yes two advanced Spanish classes and I was not keeping up. To make matters more complicated I had to prepare and give speeches while trying to be on the debate team. I was close to graduating, so my eye was always on the prize. Somewhere between the classes, being a wife, a mother of a small child and one on the way, I crashed and burned! The pressure was to much.

The Devil tactic is to get you to retreat. If he puts enough pressure on you then you will back up off of him and turn around and run. No, no, no.
The Apostle Paul says we should “press”. I love that word. It means I got yo keep going forward and stay focus cause I have a goal!

It means sometimes I will not be able to hangout and play the reindeer games, I have a goal. It might mean giving up some leisure time for a season but I got a goal.

When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Lord will lift up a standard against him! ( Isaiah 59:19)


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Empowering Thought for Today: This Too shall Pass!

Have you had a barrage of circumstances thrown on you like a big pile of dirty laundry? Have you had days where you didn’t want to get out of bed? Have you had trials and tribulations that seem like they won’t let go? They resemble the white traffic line that continually goes on.

This is what The Devil wants you to believe: That things will never change! God doesn’t care about you and this situation why waste your time.

Don’t be deep- The enemy comes and whispers in all of our ears and it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been walking with CHRIST.

When you are under that type of oppression, the first thing you must do is seek Gods word and pray. You must find the opposite of what you are experiencing.

Truth is nothing stays same. Change is coming whether it’s a good change or a unwise change.

God cannot tell lies and we have got to get to,the place to believe that God is with you in that circumstance, talk to him tell him what do I do here? Comfort me here? Help me pray and not give up here?

We must involve God in our walk and not see him as some distant cousin sitting on a throne looking at all the bad things happening and turning a blind eye .

That is not the God I serve. That is not in his character! This week make a conscious decision you going ask God for help and if he fails to help you blame me- I lied but I don’t think It will happen.

Look up your salvation is near because this too Shall pass-Psalm 55:22

( there is no scripture for this too shall pass)
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Empowering Thought for Today: Are you Reconciling people back to God?

We all had relationships where we were on the outs with someone. As a teenager because I was one of the younger siblings I wasn’t told certain things. One if my siblings had a drug problem and it was bad! Thus of course caused all type of emotions within me. Thus drug problem cost robbed us both of previous time apart from one another. We even had to go to counseling and I was angry. I felt why should I sit in this room and be pyscho analyzed I wasn’t on drugs.

What the therapist knew is that families can be destroyed because of people’s destructive choices. Some families never get back together.

As Christians our job is to reconcile people back to God, many times we won’t ( I will not use cannot) because we’re so busy judging them, like I was with my sibling. After all, I didn’t to drugs! It took years for me to forgive my sibling but I finally did. He stopped doing drugs and got health again . Everything seem like it was back on track and one day we all found out he had AIDS.

God wants to use YOU to bring restoration and hope and salvation to people you know and people you don’t know. You maybe the only God they see.

Remember, we are called to Love not Judge. (2nd Corinthians 5:18)


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Empowering Thought for Today: Who are You?

One of my favorite shows on TV was CSI and the intro song by Thr Rick Group the Who was : Who are you? Hoo hoo hoo hoo.

The premise was to establish an identity of the person that was murdered. In investigating who the individual was it would give insight into why they were killed. Basically who was thus person.

Jesus asked his disciple Peter: who do men say that I am? Demons proclaimed to the Sons of Sceva: Paul I know but who are You? (Mark 8:27 and Acts 19:14)

Who are you? Many people cannot answer that because their identity is found in superficial means, such as: parent, spouse, co worker, supervisor, child, etc

If we are going to effective for CHRIST we must know who we are in him. Many of us refuse to know, don’t take time to know, or are caught up more in our problems struggling uneccessry than to find out Who we are in Christ.

Scripture declares who we are in Christ. Many know the scriptures and yet don’t believe them or put them into practice .

For example, I’m a Crosby doesn’t matter whether I was born one or married into the family I’m a Crosby . More specifically I’m my husbands spouse, therefore if he becomes incapacitated I can make decisions on his behalf. My children have the same last name, if I eat they eat too because as a Crosby they have the right to be fed and taken care of.

Same principal for the children of Light. Because Jesus died and was resurrected we are his younger siblings , therefore what Jesus has authority over so do we!

We don’t have to be sick, broke, rejected, confused, lazy, etc because Jesus paid it ALL there’s nothing left to owe.

Take your authority and receive your inheritance, so the next time Satan or his imps bring anything they will think twice. Why? Because you know who you are!


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Empowering Thought for Today: The Spirit of Rejection and Abandonment has to Go! Part 1

I only met my father once and according to my own mother she was in the grips of getting away from abuse. I always heard he didn’t acknowledge me.

I was raised and adopt by someone else who kept me in contact with my biological mother . I didn’t meet my siblings until I was 6 years old and my oldest sister stayed with my father. I have a younger sister who was with my adopted mom but because if her illnesses she had to go live with other family .

I to tell you that as soon as I came to Jesus everything fell into place , abd rejection just left . Actually it was an old friend who had a prophetic gift that actually started sharing with me about rejection.

There is nit enough altars. No one can lay hands on you abd that spirit is going to disappear. There are no self help books that will help.

Like any spirit it has to be identified and eradicated. God has done wonderful healing in my life concerning this, but I still am on a journey .

Not only did the enemy planted this spirit but I have also been molested,assaulted and almost raped! This did not help.

I just turn fifty and many people regardless of their age they struggle with this spirit. This is something I don’t share lightly or will pretend I have all the answers. What God did for me he will do for you but differently because we all have different journeys.

I will be sharing my journey and deliverance out of The Spirit of Rejection and Abandoment. Hear the testimony because I’m telling you God has eradicated that spirit out of all believers lives, it just a matter of process and healing to take place.

We all deal with different levels of rejection so let’s kill the lie that sister so and so and brother so and so is so put together. Our dependence on God is the key to walking out of the prison of rejection and abandoment .


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Empowering Thought for Today: God NEVER Rejects us! NEVER

As a child I literally hated the word “no”, especially as it pertain to something I wanted. I grew up with a spirit of rejection which hindered my ability to see things from their proper prospective .

The truth is rejection doesn’t feel good and I must say as a young person I was always trying to be in the “coolest groups”. When I tried to push my way I was rejected . The people knew better than me that I didn’t belong with them and it wasn’t the reasons that I thought such as, I wasn’t pretty, smart it funny. Those people by the Spirit could see this girl is different! The problem I didn’t see myself that worthy.

Although many believers are saved and speak in tongues they carry within this spirit if rejection. Yes I must tell you many believe God rejects them.
Of course, many won’t admit it sitting behind the facade of religion.

God does say no to things that will harm us, but if you insist…….. The truth is God never rejects us; he may not always agree with our decisions that are not his intention but he never puts us down or tell us you’re not good enough. We were never good enough. That’s why Jesus came.

My mother told me “no” because she knew that the thing that I wanted wasn’t good for me. At times I had temper tantrums and pouting sessions, she still said NO but what she didn’t do after all I had did was reject me As her daughter.

It is the same with God and he’s much more Just and Righteous than others.

Remember , Jesus left the ninety-nine to go get one. You know why because you belong to him and therefore you’re valuable !

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Empowering Thought for Today: Don’t disconnect from God

Have you as a child been separated from your parent(s) temporarily? Or as a parent have you seen your child one minute and then the next you can’t find them. I have bern in both situations and it is no fun being disconnected .

One of the things as a believer we must fight for and against at the same time is our relationship with God. God is always there but we can disconnect with him for many reasons.

Unfavorable circumstances in my life in past times caused me to mistrust God. I was saved, filled and speaking in tongues but this disconnect I had was real.

No amount of going to church fixed it. Going to people I thought had answers and knew God didn’t help. What transpired the breakthrough.
I locked myself away and had a heart to heart with God! God is not intimidated by what we say or do! He’s God and honesty is always best for you because God knows everything.

I had to learn to re connect myself with God, nobody can do that for you!
We want people to be our ears, feet and hands but God is jealous and he want you all to yourself.

If you have had unpleasant circumstances , wrong perceptions couple with erroneous understanding of the scriptures, this could cause a disconnect.

God NEVER leaves , but we can leave. That’s why scripture tells us to “resist the Devil and draw near to God”. Each day we have to make a decision that I’m going to connect with God. We have to make this an on purpose decision because the enemy will stand in your way of making your relationship with God more personal . He’ll turn it into religion.

More so than the enemy standing in your way is you yourself . Fight for what Jesus has already provided: ACCESS to God, The Father.

Take this day and connect with God!


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Empowering Thought for Today: My thoughts on Turning Fifty(50)

I just turned 50 as if February 1st. While many woman are claiming to go back in time that was never an issue for me. I was always grateful and thankful to God that I was the age I was. The reason being is: many my age died before ever seeing fifty. I lost many loved ones to the crack epidemic.

I’ve always been outgoing, charismatic, generous and fun-loving but I can Also be a loner, impatient, and a have a biting edge to my personality .

At fifty there are some things I don’t have time for that I made more room for in my younger moments. Here is my short list :

1. No time for others to interrupt my relationship with God with their opinions about how much/little time I (operative word ) need to spend with him.

2. I really, really don’t have energy into griping about this or that. I’m older I can use my time more efficiently.

3. Learning contentment
4. Embracing my uniqueness therefore appreciating others uniqueness.
5. Don’t have time for users. Self explanatory
6. Don’t time for people who don’t have time for me!

God has akways been faithful to add and remove and keep those he want in my circle I think I will let him keep doing a great job.

7. Don’t do fake
8. I mind my business. Unless it’s scandal then I can be nosey , judgmental and opinionated because after all it’s fiction.
9. Could care less what you think of me
10. Learn how to take more wise risks(oxymoron)

Wisdom does not always come with age but that’s my goal: to be wiser, loving (with truth) and to have a voice and to have the right to be silent not silence!

This is a grown up’s world and I’ve come this far by faith.

Lady P.

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Empowering Thought for Today: Whatever you give Your Attention too you Treasure!

We have all been in love in our youth. You know the silly, dramatic love that you swear on your ancestors that this is serious . The I cannot eat, sleep , etc kinda of love.

The love where you give your attention to your appearance and you are on your best behavior . You remember where you spent hours trying to look your best, what you’re going to say. Many people take this type of love over into their adult lives and it gets them into trouble. Domestic violence (physical and emotional), you’re not taking care of you because you love someone or something more than you love you.

People neglect their children, friendships, careers because they are so into what there into.

Jesus tells us this ” No one can serve two masters, for you will cling to the other and hate the other one” ( my paraphrase )

It’s hard, difficult for many people to love two people that their are romantically linked. I’m a one woman kind of girl and so is my husband. We are jealous over each other like that.

Well God is the same! What idol has caught you’re attention. What has stolen your affection away from God. What has stopped you from preparing for your date with him. What has blinded you away from his affection?

Why have you stop believing, hoping, praying and receiving from him?

Remember, whatever you focus on becomes greater in your life. Focus on God and what he wants for you!


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Empowering Thought for Today: Being Persistent in Prayer!

Have you ever had a bug problem? Well I have! Here in the south one of the creatures that is most feared is termites. Ants and wasps are another group of pesky insects.

The Bible even tells us to study the ant because they are not lazy but persistent in finding food for the queen. I watch an ant one time trying for a big piece of bread, I moved it and no matter where I moved it, the ant was nit discouraged he kept after it.

Somehow the faith movement has taught us if we just name it we can claim it. Sometimes it’s not a matter that God isn’t answering prayers but showing us how to be persistent .

Do you really want healing? Do you really want to see miracles? Many of us pray one or two times and if it isn’t manifested right away were done.

Let me ask you does it take the same amount of strength to move a portable keyboard as it does a piano? Of course not , you need more persistence to move it than a keyboard.

What does persistence look like: a determination that I won’t give up; no matter what it looks like or sounds like or feel like. Faith mixed with persistence equals victory .

Do you give up when your prayer isn’t answered in a day, month, week? How about years?

The woman with the issue of blood has persistence, she could have given up after all those doctors couldn’t help her. She could have turned around when she saw that big crowd around Jesus. She could have ran after touching his hem and never came forth. She was persistent. I got yo get healed .

Can you imagine 18 years with thus condition. Many if us woukd have list faith , got an attitude with God, had a pity party.

Many of us are waiting on breakthroughs in finances, health , relationships ( especially those who want a spouse). I don’t say these things to condemn us or discourage us but this is apart of walking with Jesus.

Jesus says keep on asking , knocking and seeking because he who asks receives; he who knocks the door will be open; he who seeks will find.

So, just because you don’t see the promise today doesn’t mean it isn’t coming. Remain persistent.

Paul said it like this: ” Be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of The Lord”.

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Empowering Thought for Today: The Devil is a bully, but don’t let him bully you!

I have to write this disclaimer: I do not uphold violence!

There’s a lesson to be learn from former Pre-K students who happened to be my son and my nephew who are now 22 years old. When they were four, they didn’t play much in the classroom together because of different interests, but once they hit the playground they were playmates.

There was a four year old terror in the class. He would hit girls, boys, and teachers. The teachers shared with his parent without seeing any real change.

Well in the classroom this child decided he would hit my son, I guess his cousin took note of it. I went to pick him up and was informed by the teachers that my son and nephew along with their other playmate had gotten him in a corner and bullied him back. I wasn’t proud of them but the teacher actually told me we made sure no one got hurt and we turned our head. Guess what? He never bullied anyone else again!

Now, again I’m not promoting violence or unfair student treatment among Pre-k Teachers, there’s a lesson here: You have to take care of bullies or they will keep harassing you. Second, sometimes you need reinforcement for certain bullies.

The lesson: The Devil,who is a loser by the way comes to harass you, kill you and destroy you, especially if you LET him. You cannot compromise with a bully ! You stand up against a bully , even if you think you’re going to lose.

In our case as believers we already won if you came to fight and if you need reinforcements they are other believers who will backed you up.

One believer Can chase a thousand; two ten thousand! My God what can 10, 30, 100, 500, or a million do? Get the point? If you have put down your weapons because life is a little difficult , pick them back up and fight, fight, fight . Jesus sent him home with his tail tucked between his legs, so stand in the victory Jesus has won for you!

Remember, chase that bully home!


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Empowering Thought for Today: 7 Characteristics to add to your Faith!

Being a believer is no easy task or a cake walk. Yes, I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Salvation is the one of the best experiences in my life.

We cannot remain at the point where we got saved. We must continually grow in our faith and in our character. God is transforming us into the image of his Son.

The Apostle Peter tell us : “that because we have Jesus divine power and nature he has given to us ALL things that pertain to life and Godliness. In other words ,God has given us everything to walk out our faith in Christ Jesus.

Peter then tells us with all Dilligence (effort ) we should add these things to further our growth in faith.

Add these:

1. Virtue (. Moral Courage)
2. Knowledge ( in truth)
3. Self Control ( personal discipline)
4. Perseverance ( finishing your course)
5. Godliness
6. Kindness (. We should be warm towards each other no rudeness )
7. Love

I don’t know about you but I’m nit just interested in my gifts and I have no fruit. Thank God, Jesus continues to prune those areas in our life that look like our old life . Thank God he is not intimidated by our missteps. Praise , Jesus we have been pardon, forgiven and set free. Hallelujah.

Remeber we cannot do produce these on our own , The Holy Spirit has been given to us to walk out our Christian Faith with his help.


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Empowering Thought for Today: Contend for the Faith!

I remember my older brother, not the oldest being bullied by a neighbor. His name was Fat Raymond (name changed) in the neighborhood. The reason being because at 10 years old he looked like a junior sumo wrestler. I was 7 and my brother was 10. I have no idea how this neighbor of ours and my brother got into a brawl but seeing that my brother wasn’t doing to well I got involved. Needless to say he tossed us around like salad. We both went home bruised and battered but we did fight. We didn’t allow him to just bully us.

In The Book of Jude, he warns believers then and now that there will be many contradictions and falsities where CHRIST is concern and that we must Contend or fight for the faith. He instructs us not to only fight for the faith, but to fight for fellow believers as well.

Times are becoming so that it is not politically-correct to be a believer. We must act like the world, think like the world and walk like the world when Jesus warned us to be the opposite. Many opportunities arise in a daily basis where we have to refute some level of untruth. We do not always have to be aggressive and nasty to others. Jesus tell us to ” be wise as a serpent, but harmless as a dove”.

Being religious is never going to win others to CHRIST. Being offensive on purpose will not win others to CHRIST. LOVE and truth is the one of the ways that as discipled we share who CHRIST is.

So, we do not have to be seminary students, pastors, or theologians fir we all have a responsibility to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to fight for what we believe in as it pertains to God’s Kingdom. Might not be popular or politically correct but we are not called to follow the world.


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Empowering Thought for Today: God will not Leave you Hanging

God has never let me down! Never! Doesn’t mean I haven’t be disappointed or has trials or difficulties it just means God has bern faithful to me.

You can never get brownie points with God he just loves us! I prayer the prayers through faith ad he just answers them they way he choses to do so.

There was a time in my life where I was told I would not have children. Could you imagine just getting married and deciding you want children and your body rejects that idea.

It wasn’t as if I was menopausal or had some structural abnormalities. Three different doctors diagnosed me with infertility at the age of 26. I remember walking down the street bawling my eyes out.

Hannah’s story in The Bible was my favorite at this point. I’m not even trying to say I was this woman with mighty faith and power nor I prayed and God just did it because I dotted every I and crossed ever T.

He did it because I asked and although my faith was shaky at times, I would repent and trust God. God did it because he loved me and wouldn’t hold any good thing from me. God did it because he has an obligation or a covenantal right to hear my prayers and answer them. God did it because he cannot forsake me. In other words, God is not going to leave you hanging, if he does then he’s not God.

I know it’s impossible for God to lie or to not come through.

Mines in this particular season was wanting a baby, yours maybe that and more but know this God won’t leave you Hanging.

By the way, I had 6 pregnancies and 4 live births including twins (twice)


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Empowering Thought for Today: Don’t count yourself Out!

I’m very outgoing but I was not very popular in school. I wore thick glasses and I looked anorexic. In twelfth grade I became popular because I could sing and dance. The whole school knew me then because of a talent show I had done.

In my senior year, boys were interested but the rejection I had received made me have an attitude of: when I graduate I can leave you all behind. I really made that vow because when someone from high school remember me I had forgotten them because of the trauma I went through.

I grew up and no one really told me I was smart, pretty, kind etc. I didn’t receive much affirmation in my household. As a result , I didn’t always feel the greatest about myself.

Being born again has help me find my identity in Christ. I know that social status , position, titles nor money can fill voids. Only CHRIST !

Zachaeus a little man who was a wealthy tax collector that just wanted to get a view of Jesus had to get in a tree to see him. Probably wasn’t popular and probably ridiculed for his lack of stature. Jesus comes by and tells him I’m visiting your house today.

Jesus validated Zachaeus internally and externally. He brought wholeness to him by saying “no matter your status in life; you are valuable and an asset”

So, don’t count yourself out because jesus has counted you as valuable even when others cannot or will not see it. (Luke :19:1-10)


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Empowering Thought for Today: We Walk by FAITH not REASONING!

Reasoning, logic, your own opinions, inferences, common sense, and philosophies of others will ruin your faith.

Faith does not care about your reasoning, your logic, nor your common sense , faith doesn’t operate by what is proven and seen. Faith operates by things that are not seen but will be proven.

I stop saying to God “I Don’t understand” because it’s true I don’t and God doesn’t have to explain it to me either. I realized that if I understood what will I do about it anyway ?

We all have circumstances that are beyond our control and logic. Peter discovered thus when Jesus told him to cast his net. Out of his reasoning being the master fisherman he was he knew by common sense: fish aren’t caught at night ( because it’s hard to see). And we have been doing this for a while and no fish.

Jesus was trying to teach Peter that in spite of what he thought he knew he needed to trust and obey Jesus. Wasn’t Jesus there it was obvious he could see that they didn’t catch anything . Do you find yourself explaining the obvious to God?

Jesus wasn’t put off by Peters response because he was getting ready for his lesson in trust and faith. Peter told Jesus basically “. Doesn’t make but at your word I’ll cast my net again “. ( my paraphrase ). There were so many fish that he couldn’t contain them, even ask John and James to help.

Sounds like blessings and an overflow of them . That’s exactly what Jesus want to do for us: give us a miracle but we cannot reason when it comes to The Kingdom of God. God never tells us to: Walk by reasoning and your sight!


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Empowering Thought for Today: Jesus is Praying for You!

Wow! What a thought. Hebrews 7:25 states that “Jesus is making petitions and always intervening for us to God”. I don’t know about you, this places a peace and excitement in my heart. When I think of all the things that come to weigh me down and to attack my faith, this makes me stand tall in the confidence of God: Jesus is praying for me. I love to pray for people it’s an honor and privilege to do such a wonderful task. To serve others. My prayers are nothing in comparison to the prayers Jesus is praying for me. Perfect prayers, prayers that declare God’s goodness and mercy over my life. Prayers filled with expectation and faith. Stop for a second and just take that in: Jesus is praying for you! It cannot get any better than that. I’ve got The a Hallelujah Mode of praise going. I don’t have to worry because Jesus never stops praying for me! P. Follow my blog at: crosbyp12003@wordpress.com or http://www.empoweringyouministry.org

Empowering Thought for Today: God Delights in your Prayers

Proverbs 15:8 says: God disdains pious poses but delights in genuine prayers .

I loved King David because he was a worshipper. Here I am God all of me !
He was not afraid to share his innermost thoughts with God. He was comfortable in his relationship with God. This should be us! Casting our cares upon The Lord. Exchanging our burdens for his burdens . Replacing our yokes with his yoke!

It is only 24 hours and some people didn’t see it and won’t see all of it. That’s why prayer has no time limits: morning, noon, and evening we have 24 hour access to God.

Let’s get Genuine before him-naked and vulnerable ! Ha Ha he already knows😊


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Empowering Thought for Today: Are you coming to the Party God has for you?

I refuse to sit for hours at a time and indulge in senseless media, this includes : TV , magazines, all social Media etc. Time is something we cannot retrieve back. Once it’s gone it’s gone!

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do it or do it I’m telling you what I refuse to do with the time God has allotted me.

God has sent out an invitation to all humans to join him through his son, Jesus Christ the Savior and Lord to come to a feast or party as the guest of honor.

He has healing for you and love is his main course. He wants to tell you and show you what he has in store for you. Don’t get caught up in time get caught up in the elaborate celebration of who you are in Christ Jesus.

The party would not be possible if Jesus wasn’t there!

We can take our time everyday and can waste it on insignificant things. This us no time to be distracted and second guess who the Master Party Planner is inviting . Take your invitation and go and get your gifts and surprises.

The only admission at the door is salvation to get in, once in all the treasures are yours. Come on don’t you get it you hold the audience of a King and a Creator and The Paraklete, the one who helps you and comforts you.

Oh don’t forget about your angel who watches over you and stands at attention to battle for you.

CNN and Reality shows can’t fulfill your need at this party. Wasting time doing nothing is not an option. This is the season of “seek my presence “.

Enjoy God in abundance!


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Empowering Thought for Today: The Gift of God-Eternal Life through Jesus Christ!

For real followers of Christ Easter is everyday. We are reminded we we should give God glory. We were all headed to damnation. ( hell) 
This past week we were confronted with an issue that has to do with our only daughter. After she confessed her mistake and ask for forgiveness the person wanted to harass her and make her feel bad. I stop them dead in their track by saying: ” thank God for Jesus and his blood” or we would all be doomed.
I walked around for years in complete darkness living according to my flesh until God came and rescued me from my own sin. So I get excited about Easter because it’s more than clothing , eggs and a rabbit.
It’s the reminder that Jesus came, died and was resurrected for women, men and children we have seen, we see, and those we will come to know. God has given us a gift of eternal life and if that don’t make you love him; I don’t know what can.
Happy Easter!

Lady P.
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Empowering Thought for Today: Leave The Details to God

Leave The Details to God Jer:11:29
I’m nosey, yes I’m like most humans I want to know the what, when and the why! God doesn’t work in those parameters at all. He ask us to trust him and he will work things out.
Trust is a big word to God it has to be because it’s in the bible a lot. Trust means you rely on the person and you have total confidence in their ability to do what needs to be done. In the world they would call that foolish and stupidity, but God requires each of his children to trust him.  
God has amazing things for each of his children that is obedient to him , but we don’t know every little nook and cranny that comes in our lives.
Many things catch us off guard; other things didn’t work out as we thought. In our pursuit of God the most important thing to remember is: It will work out for our good.  
The bottom line is LEAVE THE DETAILS OF YOUR LIFE TO GOD!! Let him wrk things out after the counsel of his will. Just trust God even when it s painful, uncertain, lonely, misunderstandings and burdens. Believe me who can stand against you when God is for you!
Love, Lady P.

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