Empowering Thought for Today:  SHAKE it OFF!

when I was young , a middle schooler my friend and I was on skates and my brother was chasing us.  Of course we had the advantage in our minds because we were faster.  Unfortunately for me my brother caught me and tripped me in my skates.  That day I skinned my face like you skin your knee.  Blood was pouring out of my face from every where not to mention I was disfigured.

The people who saw it was looking at my face in horror and my poor brother was scared and remorseful for what he did although it was simple child ‘s play.  My mother panic and back in my times you didn’t go to emergency rooms and doctors because many African-Americans couldn’t afford it.

I was sent to my adopted mom who looked at me and didn’t flinch.  There was something about her calmness and assurance in that moment that made me keep it together.  I looked in the mirror and I mean I needed a plastic surgeon.  I was crying so bad from the pain and the monstrosity which was now my new look.

I was shunned of course,  people could barely look at me,  but I was told to go outside and I kept my normal routine.  Even when people didn’t want to look at me all scarred.  My adopted mom looked at me everyday as she literally put Vaseline and macurucorn ( I’m sure I’m not spelling it correctly). On my face daily for 3 months.  She was telling me as a young girl:  I love you even though you’re disfigured and rejected by others.  I look at your wounds in spite of the cuts and bruises.  She looked at me and declared you’re going to be healed:  Shake it off!!!!!!

In others words she told me to keep it moving forward this is just a hiccup!!!

That’s what God is saying to many of us.  We have been battle scared and rejected by men.  Disfigured and accused by the enemy,  yet God says SHAKE it OFF!  I am your healer,  I am the one who loves you,  keep looking at me and as you look at me I will become bigger in your life and all the other things will become obsolete.

Today looking at my beautiful face you would never know I had that accident.  I have a small scar near my lip that has faded with time, but it has been a reminder to me when I notice it:  Shake off the insignificant things and press into Christ.

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