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Empowering Thought for Today:  The best prayer is an honest prayer

in it’s most simplest of definition, pray is connecting with God.  Have you ever been at a place and you had very few words?  You’re only saying one to two words.

Peter is a great example of that when Jesus tells him to come join him on the water and he gets distracted and falls in the water he yells “Lord, Save me”. (Matthew 14:30).

Even Jesus tells us how to “not approach God” with a bunch of long rhetoric or empty phrases.  ( Matthew 6:7)

There have been literal times where I did not or could not say anything because what I was dealing with was so heavy there were no words to say.  I was literally crying or moaning.  So,  if I don’t say words am I praying?  Yes,  you are always connected to God.  He never walks out and leaves us , he is a PRESENT help. ( Heb 13:5 and Psalm 46:1)

We can be comforted by the truth that when we ourselves cannot articulate what is going on ,  The Holy Spirit himself prays for us and communicates our heart to God. ( Romans 8:26)

We should be so encouraged to know that God hears our prayers and not only will he  hear but will answer it according to his will.

Amen,  P.

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Empowering Thought for Today:  YOU, God is LOOKING for YOU!

As children we all played the game, Hide-N-Seek.  Well the good news for you is if you just got saved or been saved a while, you are now a SoilderIn The Army of The Lord.  Here are just a few things soilders in the kingdom need to do!

1.  Stay connected to CHRIST who is connected to God.  You need orders

2.  Basic Training-  you must know how to fight and get acquainted with your equipment

3.  Learn your enemy

4.  Stay focus… Soilders cannot be easily distracted .  Don’t get entangle with the world system

5.  Stay prepared, alert , diligent and watchful –  we fight everyday in this army

6.  Keep fit physically and spiritually

7.  Learn when to rest- a tired soilder is a soilder that makes mistakes 

8.  You’re responsible for other soilders

9.  Follow directions…… This is not JUST about you… Not following orders could hurt you and others

10.  Stay prayerful that means you have to as number one states:  stay connected

Hell is REAL and SATAN is real…. He’s defeated but if you don’t know that you will be a defeated christisn who actually has victory.

Actually , The Chief of the Army has defeated DEATH and HELL………..  So , you must use every weapon God has given to you…..

Love You,  now fight the good fight of faith!


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Empowering Thought for Today: Pray the Miraculous and God will do The Miraculous!

I remember when physicians looked at me and decreed over my life that I would never have children .

I recalled walking down Peach Tree Street crying, just bawling. I had wonderful believers that told me to get it together because God has the final word!

I remembering praying each one of my children into existence . I specifically prayed for a girl, got one. The twins were Gods abundant surprise.

I’ve only heard God speak audibly in my life 3 times and he told me you’re going to have a baby.

I got pregnant quickly lost one then another . I felt like a elephant because my body seem to never recover from pregnancy mode.

I thought what Hod told me was my OWN imagination! I almost baked out and lost my life .

I had a negative Ob/Gyn who spoke negativity over me. I asked for another physician. Every Time I was in this negative doctors presence I spoke in tongues so she could hear me. She was reprimanded for her insensitive and rude remarks .

I was pregnant again and they thought I was losing this child……after a long weekend of waiting for test results I found out I was having twins.

My point Hannah prayed for a child and God granted a miracle to a dried up , helpless snd hopeless womb.

Pray a miracle and God will do a Miracle😋


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Empowering Thought for Today: There’s a Prayer Warrior in You! Fight for those around your

I’m telling you, YOU are called to spread The Gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere! Wherever you go his sweet presence should be evident in your life.

We are imitators of Jesus. Jesus was a warrior. Everyday he fought the enemy for our freedom and restitution back to God. We have been bought with a price! That means Jesus got in the ring with Satan and knocked him out! It was never an even match from the beginning.

Now Jesus has given you and me The Ministry if reconciliation. You may have to war in PRAYER for unsaved loved ones, debilitating sicknesses, unfair treatment, family members and friends strung out on drugs. Whatever the situation Jesus has made you a warrior that wins.

He always causes us to triumph !!!!! Always. What are you waiting for? Gear up!


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Empowering Thought for Today: Get Closer to The Vine and The Vinedresser

The Worldly system tries to works from the external to accommodate the internal. Example: I really have low self esteem well let’s fix that by buying your favorite item. This is suppose to make you feel better.

The Kingdom of a God works the opposite: from internal to external. The bottom lines God has a responsibility to confirm us to the image of his son, Jesus Christ.

We cannot skate around this issue! We are told to draw near to God snd resist The Devil(). Did you see that? We are to draw closer. God has already done his part

1. You gave you The Holy Spirit-in him we move and have our being.
2. You are created in God’s very image and after his likeness.
3. God promises to never leave or forsake us.

Today, if you know Jesus Christ as your personnel savior then , you are a branch, Jesus is the vine and a God is the vinedresser .

In other words, your relationship begins with God and ends with God. Without Jesus we can do nothing! Absolutely nothing!

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Empowering Thought for Today: God has a Plan for YOU! A Prophecy to US!

Don’t fret! Don’t get caught up God Says, I have a plan for you ! I know what I had in mind for you when I created you.

Rest in knowing that everything that concerns you I have it. There is nothing in your present circumstance that you’re experiencing that I do not know or see. Stop tuning into the devils recorder of what is going to happen to you.

I am The Lord your God and I don’t fail! Jesus gave you to me and I will not lose one that us mine.

Be prayerful, be watchful for the enemy desires to manipulate an deceive you. Put on your spiritual ears and eyes and look intently at me. For I’m going to open yours eyes to see the truth not smoke screens and patterns of deception that the enemy wants you to focus on. As you peer at me you will see the truth says the Spirit of The Lord!


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Empowering Thought for Today: Watch Your Mouth!

As a young girl I had an outgoing personality in the sense that I loved to talk. I was bubbly in the mornings and I still am. By afternoon I’m winding down.

My mother was always telling me about my mouth: I was too loud, I talk too much, I was harsh with my words and I didn’t know what to say.

She use to tell me I was going to get hurt because of my mouth, thank a god that did not come to pass.

As a Christian I know now that is part if my gifting and call: a communicator.
I have said dome of the most ungodly , negative things out of my mouth and I wonder why my life was a mess!

As a child of God we should be saying what we hear God says. So, repent watch your mouth for life and death are in the power of your tongue !

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Empowering Thought for Today: There is Always Hope in Christ!

We all made mistakes before and will probably make them again. As a child I learned that mistakes weren’t a good idea. Mistakes cost me love and affection. It made me look differently at myself because It was communicated as a child to me that “it’s not okay to be you”.

So, when I messed up (although I was saved and fill with the Holy Spirit ) I lived a life of utter defeat and doom. I gave people too much power over my life and I took anything from them because in my eyes I deserved it.

When I messed up I went to one extreme or the other: I beat myself up and withdrew or other people best me up and I let them.

There is a point in my walk with Jesus I had to get off of my palate and walk!

I had to live the Christian Life; I had to believe that Jesus Words are Spirit and they are life. No matter how many mistakes, errors I make, Jesus has me covered with just a word of repentance and obedience. The matter is done not brought up by Christ again.

The lesson is: I learned and learning how to love me; how to forgive me; how to extend God’s Grace in my life to me. If I did not have The Hope of Jesus Christ I wouldn’t be writing this blog.

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