Empowering Thought for Today: Being Persistent in Prayer!

Have you ever had a bug problem? Well I have! Here in the south one of the creatures that is most feared is termites. Ants and wasps are another group of pesky insects.

The Bible even tells us to study the ant because they are not lazy but persistent in finding food for the queen. I watch an ant one time trying for a big piece of bread, I moved it and no matter where I moved it, the ant was nit discouraged he kept after it.

Somehow the faith movement has taught us if we just name it we can claim it. Sometimes it’s not a matter that God isn’t answering prayers but showing us how to be persistent .

Do you really want healing? Do you really want to see miracles? Many of us pray one or two times and if it isn’t manifested right away were done.

Let me ask you does it take the same amount of strength to move a portable keyboard as it does a piano? Of course not , you need more persistence to move it than a keyboard.

What does persistence look like: a determination that I won’t give up; no matter what it looks like or sounds like or feel like. Faith mixed with persistence equals victory .

Do you give up when your prayer isn’t answered in a day, month, week? How about years?

The woman with the issue of blood has persistence, she could have given up after all those doctors couldn’t help her. She could have turned around when she saw that big crowd around Jesus. She could have ran after touching his hem and never came forth. She was persistent. I got yo get healed .

Can you imagine 18 years with thus condition. Many if us woukd have list faith , got an attitude with God, had a pity party.

Many of us are waiting on breakthroughs in finances, health , relationships ( especially those who want a spouse). I don’t say these things to condemn us or discourage us but this is apart of walking with Jesus.

Jesus says keep on asking , knocking and seeking because he who asks receives; he who knocks the door will be open; he who seeks will find.

So, just because you don’t see the promise today doesn’t mean it isn’t coming. Remain persistent.

Paul said it like this: ” Be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of The Lord”.

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