Empowering Thought for Today:  Going somewhere you never been before in God!

Isaiah 55:8-9

Many individuals get excited about going somewhere they have never visited.  I know I do!  Like when I visited Chicago for the first time I was like :  Oh my goodness , the food in this place was great.  Unlike in the natural realm where you know where you’re going and you might can even goggle your destination, it is not the same in the spiritual realm.

Many times in my walk with The Lord I always had to make a decision just like when I accepted Christ I made a decision but little did I know what that decision led too.  People make out like all your problems are over once you give your life to Jesus when in actuality you’re never problem free you just have a greater resource now on how to handle them.

It is unnerving to go to places whether there physical , emotional or spiritual without any knowledge of what to expect.

God consistently has done this in my own walk with him.  I have made decisions for Christ and man did the fires start burning.  I’ve lost relatives, friends and even the believers looked at me like I had two heads.  These have been my walks of faith where you cannot understand and see where you’re going.

Over the years what I have gained from this is a deeper trust and connection with God.  God has shown me:  you don’t have to understand because he knows everything.  You don’t have to be that controlling because he’s in control now hand over the reigns.

For many this is daunting because we are motivated by what we see, hear, feel or touch, but The kingdom of God operates so much differently than The systems of this world.  We can look at many situations in the scriptures and see that God’s requirements are so different from what the worlds system requires of us.

For example, Samuel’s anointing of David.  His own father didn’t think he was a candidate but God had other thoughts about that.  

We can never know God’s mind concerning us!  He gives us bits and pieces through our connection with him and others in the body , but we will never get the full picture in the beginning.  The whole process of promise to manifestation is your faith , growing and maturing it.  Therefore, it’s never enough to go to church you have to be the church!  It’s never enough to read the scriptures you have to be a living epistle!  It’s not enough to go through religious acts you now have to be led by The Holy Spirit.  

God has sent Jesus so we can live his abundant life , but it’s not a life without pain, struggle and obstacles but it’s a life that in spite of these things it’s a life of Truimphant.


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