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My Weightloss Journey-Bumps in the Road

I’m down for the count! I started getting serious about my health last November,2013. I started making serious headway when I approached individuals who had struggle with obesity and overeating conquered if and was winning. March 18th and I’m still on the journey. Here are the toughest things I’ve had to endure trying to lose weight:

1. My negative mindset -changing my belief system about food .

2. Education- you must understand your problem with food before you can tackle it and come up with solution

3. Process -my new favorite word. You didn’t develop bad eating and exercising habits overnight so you will not get rid of them overnight. You have to think endurance and patience with weight loss not quick and easy.

When I encounter hiccups in my progress I have to remember that everything is a process.

We are priceless , therefore keep going!