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Five keys to “Persisting “in Prayer! (Mt:18:1)

Persistence means the ability to continuing on in spite of obstacles and trials until your prayers are manifested.  Here are 5 keys to persisting and staying consistent in prayer.

1.Keep asking, seeking and Knocking (Mt 7:7)

2. Maintain your focus because obstacles and distraction will come ( Neh 6-7)

3. Your faith must have action (James 2:14-26)

4.  Join your faith with other believers ( met:18:19)

5.  Get. Dog dish (not literally). For example:  when I was dealing with infertility I bought a baby blue outfit hung it in my closet as a visual of my prayers.

Whatever you are believing for don’t become hyper focused.  Life is still going on so:

A.  Enjoy your life

B.  Trust God for all outcomes

C. If you become weary lean on The Holy Spirit and other believers


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Empowering Thought for Today:  11 Characteristics of a Skilled Warrior in the Kingdom of God 

many of us are losing our faith in Christ.  We go home defeated week after week after week.  Why?  There are many reasons for this :  Babe in Christ, carnality, laziness and unknowledgable.  This is an introduction of some characteristics that are demonstrated in the Word of God by courageous men and women who followed God/Jesus.  Over the next few weeks I will take these individually and go more in depth about the characteristics as believers we must possess in order to stand in our faith .
1.  Be intimate with God-  become his friend

2.  Know your assignment

3. Know how your enemy operates

4.  Know your identity in Christ

5.sharpen and use your weapons properly

6.  Preparation

7.  Listening and being led by The HS

8.  Rest

9.  Prayer and Intercession

10.  Endurance

11.  Imitate your leader ( Christ)

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Empowering Thought for Today: Jesus is Praying for You!

Wow! What a thought. Hebrews 7:25 states that “Jesus is making petitions and always intervening for us to God”. I don’t know about you, this places a peace and excitement in my heart. When I think of all the things that come to weigh me down and to attack my faith, this makes me stand tall in the confidence of God: Jesus is praying for me. I love to pray for people it’s an honor and privilege to do such a wonderful task. To serve others. My prayers are nothing in comparison to the prayers Jesus is praying for me. Perfect prayers, prayers that declare God’s goodness and mercy over my life. Prayers filled with expectation and faith. Stop for a second and just take that in: Jesus is praying for you! It cannot get any better than that. I’ve got The a Hallelujah Mode of praise going. I don’t have to worry because Jesus never stops praying for me! P. Follow my blog at: or

Empowering Thought for Today: Are you coming to the Party God has for you?

I refuse to sit for hours at a time and indulge in senseless media, this includes : TV , magazines, all social Media etc. Time is something we cannot retrieve back. Once it’s gone it’s gone!

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do it or do it I’m telling you what I refuse to do with the time God has allotted me.

God has sent out an invitation to all humans to join him through his son, Jesus Christ the Savior and Lord to come to a feast or party as the guest of honor.

He has healing for you and love is his main course. He wants to tell you and show you what he has in store for you. Don’t get caught up in time get caught up in the elaborate celebration of who you are in Christ Jesus.

The party would not be possible if Jesus wasn’t there!

We can take our time everyday and can waste it on insignificant things. This us no time to be distracted and second guess who the Master Party Planner is inviting . Take your invitation and go and get your gifts and surprises.

The only admission at the door is salvation to get in, once in all the treasures are yours. Come on don’t you get it you hold the audience of a King and a Creator and The Paraklete, the one who helps you and comforts you.

Oh don’t forget about your angel who watches over you and stands at attention to battle for you.

CNN and Reality shows can’t fulfill your need at this party. Wasting time doing nothing is not an option. This is the season of “seek my presence “.

Enjoy God in abundance!


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Empowering Thought for Today: Try Praise: God is worthy of our Praise

I love Thanksgiving! Because it’s reminds everybody to be thankful for something !

God should be our only focus. Our spiritual eyes should always be upon him and our ears should be hearkening to His voice alone.

The beauty of praise should be heartfelt not greed and begging for things.

Yes we should ask according to his will but there’s nothing like delighting in God for his majesty and splendor.

Try it : close your eyes and meditate on him.

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Empowering Thought for Today: Use your Sword to cut off the Head of your Enemy!

When I was young I heard many people talk about how to kill a snake. Many said you cut their head off!

God has given us many weapons to fight with but our weapons are not fleshly there spiritual .

Many people are fearful of demons or don’t believe in them, both are deadly deceptions.

Your sword is using The Word of God. God says his words will not return back to him without accomplishing what is was suppose too .

Many want to pray out of emotion and intellect but this will not win you a spiritual victory ! In order to use your weapon effectively you must become familiar with how it operates. It’s not enough to read the bible like you’re reading a newspaper.

The bible declares the Word of God is a 2 edge sword-this means it cuts going in and cuts going out.

We should not play at all with The a Enemy we need to cut off every infection and wound by the power of God’s Word. We cannot be a hearer only but a doer of his word .


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People lives are at stake! Your life is at stake ! So, take your weapon and do damage to your enemy because No Weapon formed against you will prosper!

Empowering Thought for Today: God is The PRODUCER, DIRECTOR and STAR of your REALITY

I think reality shows are here to stay!  I have never seen such uproar over the lives of people we hardly ever met or known.

Believers and non-believers of Christianity have their own reality to deal with, the difference isn’t the reality, the difference is how believers of Jesus Christ handle their reality.

God shares with us that before we were a thought “he knew us”. (Jer 1:5)

The truth is God is the Producer, director and Star of your life. The book of Acts tells us: “. It is in him we live, move, and have our being.” (Acts 17:28)
God is all of these elements in our life if we would allow,home to be.

First, he wants to produce or transform you into the image of his son. (Rom 8:29)

Secondly , he wants to direct our steps. Psalm 37:23

Thirdly, he is the Lord God and will have no,other Gods before him. (Exo-20:3)

What can you say about a God that wants to be pro active in your life. Other religious idols can’t even hear your prayers !


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Empowering Thought for Today: Pray the Miraculous and God will do The Miraculous!

I remember when physicians looked at me and decreed over my life that I would never have children .

I recalled walking down Peach Tree Street crying, just bawling. I had wonderful believers that told me to get it together because God has the final word!

I remembering praying each one of my children into existence . I specifically prayed for a girl, got one. The twins were Gods abundant surprise.

I’ve only heard God speak audibly in my life 3 times and he told me you’re going to have a baby.

I got pregnant quickly lost one then another . I felt like a elephant because my body seem to never recover from pregnancy mode.

I thought what Hod told me was my OWN imagination! I almost baked out and lost my life .

I had a negative Ob/Gyn who spoke negativity over me. I asked for another physician. Every Time I was in this negative doctors presence I spoke in tongues so she could hear me. She was reprimanded for her insensitive and rude remarks .

I was pregnant again and they thought I was losing this child……after a long weekend of waiting for test results I found out I was having twins.

My point Hannah prayed for a child and God granted a miracle to a dried up , helpless snd hopeless womb.

Pray a miracle and God will do a Miracle😋


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Homeschooling Year Round: Dreaded subjects

Parents are their children’s first teacher! Although many people will come into your child’s life and teach many things! The debate with homeschooling for those that do not is: Are parents qualified to teach? I was a teacher and studying education and certification helped little in teaching children.

I was taught a lot of other menial tasks but how to teach wasn’t one of them.

I hated to do science. I didn’t care for it in school nor did I do well. Math was another subject. Let’s get this straight being a teacher helped but not as much as you think.

I had to search a minute for a decent science curriculum: Shout out to Apologia! Wow made me fall in love again with God and his creativity.

Math I use plain old guide and a lot of hands on math activities.

The bottom line is this, parents are capable of teaching their children and if there’s a subject you can get a handle on theirs other tutors and parents to talk with. What do you think parents of school children do when their child is behind in a subject? Get a tutor!

So, this assessment of parents who homeschool is ridiculous!

-Priscilla, Homeschooling mom of twins

Empowering Thought for Today: It’s not time to panic it’s time to Pray!

I stopped watching the news as much as I used to because the only thing that the news media does is create fear. God has not given us a Spirit of Fear. So, if news reports of violence, disease, disasters are freaking you out Jesus already warned you: in this life you will have trouble, be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.

Believers should not be wringing their hands and having panic attacks. This is the time for us to pray and prayer is hard work. Consistent and persistence wins the battle.

Time for this nation, country, states, cities, counties and neighborhoods to have a come to Jesus Meeting. Repent, for the kingdom is near!

Saints we have work to do, our fathers work!

Love you, P.

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