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Empowering Thought for Today:  Obstacles are apart of Life:  Press On!

I actually get it. Like I really comprehend. Obstacles are going to be apart of your life as long as you live. Many of us want a quick fix or we want problems removed, but life doesn’t work that way.
Jesus tells us in this life you will have trouble. (John 16:33)

The Apostle Paul quotes ” we are hard pressed on every side , but not crushed. Perplexed but not in despair”. (2nd Corinthians 4:8)
Although trouble comes and hard times come we as believers should not be phased or moved by any of it. Why? Our trust and hope is in our God.
We must stay focused on the author and finisher of our faith! ( Heb. 12:10)

We must press into God; pursue him with a madness ; obey him for our very lives depend on it.
Don’t be discouraged; be encouraged you are a victor not a victim .
Amen, Lady P.
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Empowering thought for Today:  Excuses are useless:  Pray, Hear and Do!

Featured Image -- 2364I’m in the process of losing weight!  Enough said!  In the beginning if this new year, my Pastor gave us three words to be our a tea the ought the year :  Be encouraged. See beyond and aggressively pursue! Powerful dynamic word.

I NEED THE ENCOURAGMENT ALMOST DAILY!  The harder part is seeing beyond the weight.  I want like most who need to lose a sig if ant amount want overnight success.  Not going to happen.  The last phrase of this admonishment is to aggressively pursue .  Why aggressive?  Your old thinking and your adversary will not let you get a sweet victory. You will have to fight him tooth and nail and you will have to dump the excuses.

God told me the other day excuses are useless.  Excuses are lies that have to be brought down by the power of God’s word.

You never get that weight off,  you’ll never get a promotion.  Whatever is your lie or excuse God said the remedy is pray, hear and do!.  Trust is an important factor in our relationship with God.  We will never get around it!

So I’m encouraging all of us to KILL the excuses!

Love, Lady P.
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Empowering Thought for Today: The Gift of God-Eternal Life through Jesus Christ!

For real followers of Christ Easter is everyday. We are reminded we we should give God glory. We were all headed to damnation. ( hell) 
This past week we were confronted with an issue that has to do with our only daughter. After she confessed her mistake and ask for forgiveness the person wanted to harass her and make her feel bad. I stop them dead in their track by saying: ” thank God for Jesus and his blood” or we would all be doomed.
I walked around for years in complete darkness living according to my flesh until God came and rescued me from my own sin. So I get excited about Easter because it’s more than clothing , eggs and a rabbit.
It’s the reminder that Jesus came, died and was resurrected for women, men and children we have seen, we see, and those we will come to know. God has given us a gift of eternal life and if that don’t make you love him; I don’t know what can.
Happy Easter!

Lady P.
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Empowering Thought for Today:  Ask The Lord to Align You

Matthew 6:33
I thank God he doesn’t give up on people. There is always hope and a clean slate everyday with God if you are in Christ. I’m always asking God to align me to his word and will because many times if I don’t continue to abide in him I start drifting into my own opinions and thoughts or others opinions and thoughts.
There are days I don’t feel very priestly or my bank account looks like I’m the tail and not the head. You know the days where what God has declared over his children just looks like the wrong outfit on you !
Our five senses are a wonderful creation but your senses on their own can deceive you if you are a citizen of heaven. God wants us to not just say what he has said he wants us to live and breathe it.  
One of the greatest prayers we can pray is : Lord align me to your will! Align means to being something back to its appropriate position. Our position should always be repentance with thanksgiving. We can never take God’s grace and mercy for granted.
We all should have God’s desire in our heart; his kingdom first . Everyday we should be dying to self and surrendering our will until him.
I dare you to ask God to Align you and watch him transform you from the inside out!
Love, Lady P.
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Empowering Thought for Today: Leave The Details to God

Leave The Details to God Jer:11:29
I’m nosey, yes I’m like most humans I want to know the what, when and the why! God doesn’t work in those parameters at all. He ask us to trust him and he will work things out.
Trust is a big word to God it has to be because it’s in the bible a lot. Trust means you rely on the person and you have total confidence in their ability to do what needs to be done. In the world they would call that foolish and stupidity, but God requires each of his children to trust him.  
God has amazing things for each of his children that is obedient to him , but we don’t know every little nook and cranny that comes in our lives.
Many things catch us off guard; other things didn’t work out as we thought. In our pursuit of God the most important thing to remember is: It will work out for our good.  
The bottom line is LEAVE THE DETAILS OF YOUR LIFE TO GOD!! Let him wrk things out after the counsel of his will. Just trust God even when it s painful, uncertain, lonely, misunderstandings and burdens. Believe me who can stand against you when God is for you!
Love, Lady P.

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Empowering Thought for Today:  Be Grateful

When I was younger I use to hear this story about a guy who was complaining about not,having shoes until he met a guy who didn’t have feet.  This story always bring life back to perspective for me.  There are a million people,who,would,trade p,aces with me or you despite of some of the things we face.

There is always something you could complain about but there is always something we should be grateful for.

When we are going through or facing our own situations that look daunting we all think nothing could be worse than our situations until we look around at others who are not as fortunate.

Nothing special in this blog but to remind us of being grateful or another word thankful.

Love, Lady P.

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Empowering Thought for Today:  God’s Love for us is Indescrible

I remember the first time I fell in Love with Jesus.  I was 14 and I had a birthday that went wrong:  I had a fight with my best friend, so in my young mind I thought it was so bad that I attempted suicide.  This circumstance actually led me to Christ.

I couldn’t believe that God loved someone like me-unconditionally .  I have many bumps and bruises in my walk with God but this I know:

  1.  God Love overwhelms me
  2. God love is freeing
  3. God Love is protective

My older brother found me(he’s dead now). Somehow he saw I was upset more than usual.  He saw I had taken a knife.  Just as I was about to sever a major artery he took the knife from me.  I see God in all of that circumstance.

To me:  God’s love is just indescribable !

Be blessed , Love P.

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Empowering Thought for Today:  You are extremely important to God!

As a younger person I used to actually think I did not make a difference .  One of my favorite movies is:  It’s a wonderful life!  Many individuals go through there everyday routine of life and never stop and think why am I still around?  The bottom line is “bad and horrific ” things happened to a lot of people.  Whether you’re saved or not at this time God has placed value on your life.  Whether you value what he sees doesn’t make it less true that you are important to him.

 God sent his don to die for you.  Can you imagine that ?  I cannot because I don’t won’t any of my children to due for nobody neither do I want to make that sacrifice .  So wherever you are and whatever you’re doing and whatever you’re going through- God loved us first !   His validation is the only thing that matters.  We need to stop holding people hostage for failing us according to our perspective .  Reach and stretch to receive God’s love.  Let him show you why you were created.  Let him show you your value!!!!!!!!!  

Amen, Lady P.

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Empowering Thought for Today:  Distress?  Call out to God

Featured Image -- 2364Have you ever been numb? Just couldn’t wrap your mind around some situations in your life? Your voice, your body and your mind had shut down so much that you could not even voice your pain?
When you tried to reach for something or someone external to fix the internal struggle that was going on? I’ve been there and if you’re hones you’ve been there. Yes saved and anointed I have some things that made me just moan….

I’ve cried so hard I had no more tears … You know just one of those moments where no one could comfort you at all.
One place I know I can go. I go to my secret place . That place isn’t a specific room in my house as much as it is a place of isolation. I go to my secret place and I can be me and God can be him….. I tell him everything even the groaning and moaning. I tell you I have never left that place disappointed . Many reach for a person , a drink, a drug to numb the pain , but I can lay down my every burden and be released from every frustration .
Try Jesus if you don’t know him for me and others like me he is my only resource!

Love, P.

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