Empowering thought for Today:  Excuses are useless:  Pray, Hear and Do!

Featured Image -- 2364I’m in the process of losing weight!  Enough said!  In the beginning if this new year, my Pastor gave us three words to be our a tea the ought the year :  Be encouraged. See beyond and aggressively pursue! Powerful dynamic word.

I NEED THE ENCOURAGMENT ALMOST DAILY!  The harder part is seeing beyond the weight.  I want like most who need to lose a sig if ant amount want overnight success.  Not going to happen.  The last phrase of this admonishment is to aggressively pursue .  Why aggressive?  Your old thinking and your adversary will not let you get a sweet victory. You will have to fight him tooth and nail and you will have to dump the excuses.

God told me the other day excuses are useless.  Excuses are lies that have to be brought down by the power of God’s word.

You never get that weight off,  you’ll never get a promotion.  Whatever is your lie or excuse God said the remedy is pray, hear and do!.  Trust is an important factor in our relationship with God.  We will never get around it!

So I’m encouraging all of us to KILL the excuses!

Love, Lady P.
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