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Empowering Thought for Today:  Ask The Lord to Align You

Matthew 6:33
I thank God he doesn’t give up on people. There is always hope and a clean slate everyday with God if you are in Christ. I’m always asking God to align me to his word and will because many times if I don’t continue to abide in him I start drifting into my own opinions and thoughts or others opinions and thoughts.
There are days I don’t feel very priestly or my bank account looks like I’m the tail and not the head. You know the days where what God has declared over his children just looks like the wrong outfit on you !
Our five senses are a wonderful creation but your senses on their own can deceive you if you are a citizen of heaven. God wants us to not just say what he has said he wants us to live and breathe it.  
One of the greatest prayers we can pray is : Lord align me to your will! Align means to being something back to its appropriate position. Our position should always be repentance with thanksgiving. We can never take God’s grace and mercy for granted.
We all should have God’s desire in our heart; his kingdom first . Everyday we should be dying to self and surrendering our will until him.
I dare you to ask God to Align you and watch him transform you from the inside out!
Love, Lady P.
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Empowering Thought for Today:  Strategies Satan use against your Prayer Life!

Jesus tells us men should always pray and not give up ( Kuke 18:1a)So the least and the most we can do on any given day and time is to communicate with our Heavenly Father.

Prayer much like praise is a tactic against satanic forces.  That’s why prayer is more than a religious act.  Prayer is more than words and time.  Prayer is action!  Prayer involves faith and faith without works is dead( scripture).

Prayer is the most attacked by the kingdom of darkness. Prayer tears downs strongholds and invisible kingdoms. If a believer has no prayer life it’s like saying they have no oxygen and connection to their lifeline.

Satan doesn’t mind you holding prayer meetings if you are going to gossip or if they become cliques.  You’re not effective.  Prayer takes work, many speak littke if this fact.  A warrior is someibe who fights, fighting takes skill, energy and time.  Translation:  Work

The enemy comes to steal , kill and destroy and this includes your prayer life. ( John 10:10

Here are tactics the enemy uses to come against your personal time with God:

1.  Deception.  Know the word because if you don’t he will feed you lies.

You ever heard it doesn’t take all of that?  Well it does and more

2. Distractions .  This is the big one if he can get your focus somewhere else then you’re not praying.

3.  Discouragement.  Ever prayed for something and it didn’t happen ?  You think?  Prayer takes persistence which takes patience to wait on the promise, but discouragement will cause us to talk ourselves out if faith.

4.  Delays.  This is one too!  I prayed for a husband and it didn’t happen.  Read Daniel 10th chapter that should explain delays.

What we must not to do is lose heart,  the prayer that God listens to is the one prayed by faith with the expectation that in God’s timing he will answer.  In the meantime,  Praise him!


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Empowering Thought for Today: Being Persistent in Prayer!

Have you ever had a bug problem? Well I have! Here in the south one of the creatures that is most feared is termites. Ants and wasps are another group of pesky insects.

The Bible even tells us to study the ant because they are not lazy but persistent in finding food for the queen. I watch an ant one time trying for a big piece of bread, I moved it and no matter where I moved it, the ant was nit discouraged he kept after it.

Somehow the faith movement has taught us if we just name it we can claim it. Sometimes it’s not a matter that God isn’t answering prayers but showing us how to be persistent .

Do you really want healing? Do you really want to see miracles? Many of us pray one or two times and if it isn’t manifested right away were done.

Let me ask you does it take the same amount of strength to move a portable keyboard as it does a piano? Of course not , you need more persistence to move it than a keyboard.

What does persistence look like: a determination that I won’t give up; no matter what it looks like or sounds like or feel like. Faith mixed with persistence equals victory .

Do you give up when your prayer isn’t answered in a day, month, week? How about years?

The woman with the issue of blood has persistence, she could have given up after all those doctors couldn’t help her. She could have turned around when she saw that big crowd around Jesus. She could have ran after touching his hem and never came forth. She was persistent. I got yo get healed .

Can you imagine 18 years with thus condition. Many if us woukd have list faith , got an attitude with God, had a pity party.

Many of us are waiting on breakthroughs in finances, health , relationships ( especially those who want a spouse). I don’t say these things to condemn us or discourage us but this is apart of walking with Jesus.

Jesus says keep on asking , knocking and seeking because he who asks receives; he who knocks the door will be open; he who seeks will find.

So, just because you don’t see the promise today doesn’t mean it isn’t coming. Remain persistent.

Paul said it like this: ” Be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of The Lord”.

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Empowering Thought for Today: Jesus is Praying for You!

Wow! What a thought. Hebrews 7:25 states that “Jesus is making petitions and always intervening for us to God”. I don’t know about you, this places a peace and excitement in my heart. When I think of all the things that come to weigh me down and to attack my faith, this makes me stand tall in the confidence of God: Jesus is praying for me. I love to pray for people it’s an honor and privilege to do such a wonderful task. To serve others. My prayers are nothing in comparison to the prayers Jesus is praying for me. Perfect prayers, prayers that declare God’s goodness and mercy over my life. Prayers filled with expectation and faith. Stop for a second and just take that in: Jesus is praying for you! It cannot get any better than that. I’ve got The a Hallelujah Mode of praise going. I don’t have to worry because Jesus never stops praying for me! P. Follow my blog at: crosbyp12003@wordpress.com or http://www.empoweringyouministry.org

Empowering Thought for Today: God Delights in your Prayers

Proverbs 15:8 says: God disdains pious poses but delights in genuine prayers .

I loved King David because he was a worshipper. Here I am God all of me !
He was not afraid to share his innermost thoughts with God. He was comfortable in his relationship with God. This should be us! Casting our cares upon The Lord. Exchanging our burdens for his burdens . Replacing our yokes with his yoke!

It is only 24 hours and some people didn’t see it and won’t see all of it. That’s why prayer has no time limits: morning, noon, and evening we have 24 hour access to God.

Let’s get Genuine before him-naked and vulnerable ! Ha Ha he already knows😊


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Empowering Thought for Today: Get rid of The Sandballets in your life!

I am a prayer warrior! I live to pray and I love to pray. Lately, God has me I. The book of Nehemiah.

Nehemiah is a great example of faith without works is dead. I believe God put a desire in Nehemiah ‘s heart to have a love for his city and the people in it.

God has given each of his children the ability and anointing to help build his kingdom. Do not allow nay Sayers and sanballets to distract you from your mission.

Be like Nehemiah and Say”. I’m doing a great work, I cannot come down.”

Submit yourself to God!


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Empowering Thought for Today: Prayer is an effective Weapon against Your enemy

I’m writing my book and I was thinking about all the ways prayer has helped me. Paul mentions that “our weapons are not carnal, but mighty through God to pulling down strongholds.

Prayer is anything but fleshly! Prayer can go where I cannot its a spiritual transaction. We we pray according to the will of God in Christ Jesus, we disturb the enemy’s kingdom. We become like petty flies he desires to swat dead .

When all hope seems lost-pray, when it looks bleak -pray, when your day is going good-pray.

Pray. It’s a tool against your enemy. I’ve gotta stop now because I have to go and pray !


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Empowering Thought for Today: Faith should be the foundation of every Prayer prayed !

God is a God of faith! He created the world out of faith! He spoke to Hannah’s dead, incapable womb because of her faith. Abraham believed God and it was counted to him as righteousness (faith ). The living received their dead back to life by faith! (Lazarus )

Through his earthly visitation Jesus was always speaking about faith or lack thereof. The bible declares in Hebrews 11:6 that “you cannot even please God without faith.” Will God still love you? Of course! Faith is the only thing that moves God, not our emotions nor our intellect.

Everyone of God’s children have a measure of faith! Faith is found all in God’s word. God’s word should undergird our prayers because his word is full of faith!

We have to lay the axe to the root: Don’t bother to prayer if you’re not going to do it in Faith! You’re just bumping your gums! Ouch! I know it hurts but it’s true. Yes, be honest and sincere how could you not be truthful with a God who knows everything. Bottom line- you still must have faith.

Here’s the Great news: You don’t need to have a lot of faith, just the size of a mustard seed so mountains can be moved out of your way. (Luke 17:6). You can’t pay for it, intellect won’t help and neither will knowing the greatest preacher on earth. You’re own your own my friend towards your journey in faith.

We are either using faith or doubt no middle ground. Doubt us faith in reverse. Have you notice that a person can encourage you with God’s word and you can jump over a mountain? Your faith is on fire. In the same breath someone can say negative things and you can feel defeated? Run! Cause God always wants to infuse you with Faith. The kind that get dreams built in a miraculous kind of way!

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