Empowering Thought for Today:  God’s Love for us is Indescrible

I remember the first time I fell in Love with Jesus.  I was 14 and I had a birthday that went wrong:  I had a fight with my best friend, so in my young mind I thought it was so bad that I attempted suicide.  This circumstance actually led me to Christ.

I couldn’t believe that God loved someone like me-unconditionally .  I have many bumps and bruises in my walk with God but this I know:

  1.  God Love overwhelms me
  2. God love is freeing
  3. God Love is protective

My older brother found me(he’s dead now). Somehow he saw I was upset more than usual.  He saw I had taken a knife.  Just as I was about to sever a major artery he took the knife from me.  I see God in all of that circumstance.

To me:  God’s love is just indescribable !

Be blessed , Love P.

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