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Empowering Thought for Today:  You are extremely important to God!

As a younger person I used to actually think I did not make a difference .  One of my favorite movies is:  It’s a wonderful life!  Many individuals go through there everyday routine of life and never stop and think why am I still around?  The bottom line is “bad and horrific ” things happened to a lot of people.  Whether you’re saved or not at this time God has placed value on your life.  Whether you value what he sees doesn’t make it less true that you are important to him.

 God sent his don to die for you.  Can you imagine that ?  I cannot because I don’t won’t any of my children to due for nobody neither do I want to make that sacrifice .  So wherever you are and whatever you’re doing and whatever you’re going through- God loved us first !   His validation is the only thing that matters.  We need to stop holding people hostage for failing us according to our perspective .  Reach and stretch to receive God’s love.  Let him show you why you were created.  Let him show you your value!!!!!!!!!  

Amen, Lady P.

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Empowering Thought for Today:  Tag You’re It:  God has chosen you!

when I was younger and not saved I had this deep need to be accepted.  The brokenness and rejection in my own family life cause a deep emptiness.  This sort of made me go out and seek other people’s crumbs.
I was never the “cool kid nor the “brainy” one either. I was the one who didn’t fit in a category.  I was the mis-fit.  I had my own drum I followed.  I was outgoing enough but I was never “chosen” 

My story took on a new identity when Jesus entered my life.  As I read God’s word and found out I was “chosen” my heart rejoiced.  ( Jn 15:16&John 6:44)

God hand picked me, singled me out, placed his attention and affection on me.  The wonderful thing about this is:  I didn’t have to have a certain status , Jesus just accepts me.  I came broken and battered and heart full of pain and grief .  Loneliness used to be my best friend but Jesus has turned it around for me.

No longer do I look to be “chosen” because I already apart of God’s Kingdom.  Even wen others reject me , God hasn’t and on a daily basis I get to talk to God, free of charge and 24/7!

Want to know a secret :  The President isn’t the most powerful man it’s JESUS and he knows me!.

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Empowering Thought for Today: God NEVER Rejects us! NEVER

As a child I literally hated the word “no”, especially as it pertain to something I wanted. I grew up with a spirit of rejection which hindered my ability to see things from their proper prospective .

The truth is rejection doesn’t feel good and I must say as a young person I was always trying to be in the “coolest groups”. When I tried to push my way I was rejected . The people knew better than me that I didn’t belong with them and it wasn’t the reasons that I thought such as, I wasn’t pretty, smart it funny. Those people by the Spirit could see this girl is different! The problem I didn’t see myself that worthy.

Although many believers are saved and speak in tongues they carry within this spirit if rejection. Yes I must tell you many believe God rejects them.
Of course, many won’t admit it sitting behind the facade of religion.

God does say no to things that will harm us, but if you insist…….. The truth is God never rejects us; he may not always agree with our decisions that are not his intention but he never puts us down or tell us you’re not good enough. We were never good enough. That’s why Jesus came.

My mother told me “no” because she knew that the thing that I wanted wasn’t good for me. At times I had temper tantrums and pouting sessions, she still said NO but what she didn’t do after all I had did was reject me As her daughter.

It is the same with God and he’s much more Just and Righteous than others.

Remember , Jesus left the ninety-nine to go get one. You know why because you belong to him and therefore you’re valuable !

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Empowering Thought for Today: God’s Validation is the only one you Need!

Maybe you’re not the smartest , richest, or thinnest. Maybe you grow up in racism or dysfunction.

I grew up where no one EVER told me I was pretty! Ever. No one ever told me I was smart! This led me to be,über I wasn’t and left me at the mercy of other people’s approval.

Even after I gave my life to Christ, I struggled. Jesus always reached out to the unlovable, the distraught, societies misaligned and misguided people. People that would have been looked over.

The good news is that God has accepted us flaws and sin. His love for us is greater than any sin. He proved his love by sending Jesus. When we accept Jesus we no longer have yo live at the hands of someone else’s approval. Really no one can VALIDATE you like God, no one!

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Empowering Thought for Today: Looking for Love? Look to Jesus!

Growing up I’ve hardly heard the words “I Love You”! If my parental figures loved me I didn’t know it nor did I feel it

The enemy used this to plant rejection in my life and I grew up wanting to be accepted and lived at all cost. I don’t want to mislead you to think after I gave my life to Christ that everything magically disappeared .

At this present journey I’m learning nobody can love you like Jesus and I know for a fact that my husband snd children love me. My soul was scarred and broken but Jesus has come to pour oil into every emotional trauma I’ve encountered and he’s there for future hiccups as well. Behind every hurtful experience with people is Satan, wearing a mask and hiding so you will think your issues are people or you think there’s something wrong with you!

I’m her to declare Gods word: Satan CANNOT trump God’s Love for YOU!


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Where do Brokens Hearts Go? To Jesus, That’s Where

One of my favorite songs was by Whitney Houston : Where Do Broken Hearts Go?(2/1988).

I would get emotional everytime I hear it. Now, when I hear that song I answer by saying Jesus, I go to Jesus. He can be touched by my infirmities-Hebrews 4:15. God doesn’t despise a broken spirit and a contrite heart. Psalms 57:17

Yes unless you have died you will experience things that feel like somebody ripped your heart out, but we don’t have to be alone in our struggles, because unlike the song we have someone to depend on all the time 24 hours of days. The scriptures says: He ever lives to make intercession for us! Go to my website@ www,empoweringyou.org

Have a great weekend!