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Empowering Thought for Today: The Gift of God-Eternal Life through Jesus Christ!

For real followers of Christ Easter is everyday. We are reminded we we should give God glory. We were all headed to damnation. ( hell) 
This past week we were confronted with an issue that has to do with our only daughter. After she confessed her mistake and ask for forgiveness the person wanted to harass her and make her feel bad. I stop them dead in their track by saying: ” thank God for Jesus and his blood” or we would all be doomed.
I walked around for years in complete darkness living according to my flesh until God came and rescued me from my own sin. So I get excited about Easter because it’s more than clothing , eggs and a rabbit.
It’s the reminder that Jesus came, died and was resurrected for women, men and children we have seen, we see, and those we will come to know. God has given us a gift of eternal life and if that don’t make you love him; I don’t know what can.
Happy Easter!

Lady P.
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Empowering Thought for Today:  Ask The Lord to Align You

Matthew 6:33
I thank God he doesn’t give up on people. There is always hope and a clean slate everyday with God if you are in Christ. I’m always asking God to align me to his word and will because many times if I don’t continue to abide in him I start drifting into my own opinions and thoughts or others opinions and thoughts.
There are days I don’t feel very priestly or my bank account looks like I’m the tail and not the head. You know the days where what God has declared over his children just looks like the wrong outfit on you !
Our five senses are a wonderful creation but your senses on their own can deceive you if you are a citizen of heaven. God wants us to not just say what he has said he wants us to live and breathe it.  
One of the greatest prayers we can pray is : Lord align me to your will! Align means to being something back to its appropriate position. Our position should always be repentance with thanksgiving. We can never take God’s grace and mercy for granted.
We all should have God’s desire in our heart; his kingdom first . Everyday we should be dying to self and surrendering our will until him.
I dare you to ask God to Align you and watch him transform you from the inside out!
Love, Lady P.
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Empowering Thought for Today: Leave The Details to God

Leave The Details to God Jer:11:29
I’m nosey, yes I’m like most humans I want to know the what, when and the why! God doesn’t work in those parameters at all. He ask us to trust him and he will work things out.
Trust is a big word to God it has to be because it’s in the bible a lot. Trust means you rely on the person and you have total confidence in their ability to do what needs to be done. In the world they would call that foolish and stupidity, but God requires each of his children to trust him.  
God has amazing things for each of his children that is obedient to him , but we don’t know every little nook and cranny that comes in our lives.
Many things catch us off guard; other things didn’t work out as we thought. In our pursuit of God the most important thing to remember is: It will work out for our good.  
The bottom line is LEAVE THE DETAILS OF YOUR LIFE TO GOD!! Let him wrk things out after the counsel of his will. Just trust God even when it s painful, uncertain, lonely, misunderstandings and burdens. Believe me who can stand against you when God is for you!
Love, Lady P.

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Empowering Thought for Today:  Distress?  Call out to God

Featured Image -- 2364Have you ever been numb? Just couldn’t wrap your mind around some situations in your life? Your voice, your body and your mind had shut down so much that you could not even voice your pain?
When you tried to reach for something or someone external to fix the internal struggle that was going on? I’ve been there and if you’re hones you’ve been there. Yes saved and anointed I have some things that made me just moan….

I’ve cried so hard I had no more tears … You know just one of those moments where no one could comfort you at all.
One place I know I can go. I go to my secret place . That place isn’t a specific room in my house as much as it is a place of isolation. I go to my secret place and I can be me and God can be him….. I tell him everything even the groaning and moaning. I tell you I have never left that place disappointed . Many reach for a person , a drink, a drug to numb the pain , but I can lay down my every burden and be released from every frustration .
Try Jesus if you don’t know him for me and others like me he is my only resource!

Love, P.

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Empowering Thought for Today:  Persistence will cause Miracles

Hannah -1st Samuel 1-8

Blind Bartimues-Mk 10:46-52
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Five keys to “Persisting “in Prayer! (Mt:18:1)

Persistence means the ability to continuing on in spite of obstacles and trials until your prayers are manifested.  Here are 5 keys to persisting and staying consistent in prayer.

1.Keep asking, seeking and Knocking (Mt 7:7)

2. Maintain your focus because obstacles and distraction will come ( Neh 6-7)

3. Your faith must have action (James 2:14-26)

4.  Join your faith with other believers ( met:18:19)

5.  Get. Dog dish (not literally). For example:  when I was dealing with infertility I bought a baby blue outfit hung it in my closet as a visual of my prayers.

Whatever you are believing for don’t become hyper focused.  Life is still going on so:

A.  Enjoy your life

B.  Trust God for all outcomes

C. If you become weary lean on The Holy Spirit and other believers


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Empowering Thought for Today:  The best prayer is an honest prayer

in it’s most simplest of definition, pray is connecting with God.  Have you ever been at a place and you had very few words?  You’re only saying one to two words.

Peter is a great example of that when Jesus tells him to come join him on the water and he gets distracted and falls in the water he yells “Lord, Save me”. (Matthew 14:30).

Even Jesus tells us how to “not approach God” with a bunch of long rhetoric or empty phrases.  ( Matthew 6:7)

There have been literal times where I did not or could not say anything because what I was dealing with was so heavy there were no words to say.  I was literally crying or moaning.  So,  if I don’t say words am I praying?  Yes,  you are always connected to God.  He never walks out and leaves us , he is a PRESENT help. ( Heb 13:5 and Psalm 46:1)

We can be comforted by the truth that when we ourselves cannot articulate what is going on ,  The Holy Spirit himself prays for us and communicates our heart to God. ( Romans 8:26)

We should be so encouraged to know that God hears our prayers and not only will he  hear but will answer it according to his will.

Amen,  P.

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Empowering Thought for Today:  Tag You’re It:  God has chosen you!

when I was younger and not saved I had this deep need to be accepted.  The brokenness and rejection in my own family life cause a deep emptiness.  This sort of made me go out and seek other people’s crumbs.
I was never the “cool kid nor the “brainy” one either. I was the one who didn’t fit in a category.  I was the mis-fit.  I had my own drum I followed.  I was outgoing enough but I was never “chosen” 

My story took on a new identity when Jesus entered my life.  As I read God’s word and found out I was “chosen” my heart rejoiced.  ( Jn 15:16&John 6:44)

God hand picked me, singled me out, placed his attention and affection on me.  The wonderful thing about this is:  I didn’t have to have a certain status , Jesus just accepts me.  I came broken and battered and heart full of pain and grief .  Loneliness used to be my best friend but Jesus has turned it around for me.

No longer do I look to be “chosen” because I already apart of God’s Kingdom.  Even wen others reject me , God hasn’t and on a daily basis I get to talk to God, free of charge and 24/7!

Want to know a secret :  The President isn’t the most powerful man it’s JESUS and he knows me!.

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Empowering Thought for Today:  Going somewhere you never been before in God!

Isaiah 55:8-9

Many individuals get excited about going somewhere they have never visited.  I know I do!  Like when I visited Chicago for the first time I was like :  Oh my goodness , the food in this place was great.  Unlike in the natural realm where you know where you’re going and you might can even goggle your destination, it is not the same in the spiritual realm.

Many times in my walk with The Lord I always had to make a decision just like when I accepted Christ I made a decision but little did I know what that decision led too.  People make out like all your problems are over once you give your life to Jesus when in actuality you’re never problem free you just have a greater resource now on how to handle them.

It is unnerving to go to places whether there physical , emotional or spiritual without any knowledge of what to expect.

God consistently has done this in my own walk with him.  I have made decisions for Christ and man did the fires start burning.  I’ve lost relatives, friends and even the believers looked at me like I had two heads.  These have been my walks of faith where you cannot understand and see where you’re going.

Over the years what I have gained from this is a deeper trust and connection with God.  God has shown me:  you don’t have to understand because he knows everything.  You don’t have to be that controlling because he’s in control now hand over the reigns.

For many this is daunting because we are motivated by what we see, hear, feel or touch, but The kingdom of God operates so much differently than The systems of this world.  We can look at many situations in the scriptures and see that God’s requirements are so different from what the worlds system requires of us.

For example, Samuel’s anointing of David.  His own father didn’t think he was a candidate but God had other thoughts about that.  

We can never know God’s mind concerning us!  He gives us bits and pieces through our connection with him and others in the body , but we will never get the full picture in the beginning.  The whole process of promise to manifestation is your faith , growing and maturing it.  Therefore, it’s never enough to go to church you have to be the church!  It’s never enough to read the scriptures you have to be a living epistle!  It’s not enough to go through religious acts you now have to be led by The Holy Spirit.  

God has sent Jesus so we can live his abundant life , but it’s not a life without pain, struggle and obstacles but it’s a life that in spite of these things it’s a life of Truimphant.


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