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Empowering Thought for Today:  Tag You’re It:  God has chosen you!

when I was younger and not saved I had this deep need to be accepted.  The brokenness and rejection in my own family life cause a deep emptiness.  This sort of made me go out and seek other people’s crumbs.
I was never the “cool kid nor the “brainy” one either. I was the one who didn’t fit in a category.  I was the mis-fit.  I had my own drum I followed.  I was outgoing enough but I was never “chosen” 

My story took on a new identity when Jesus entered my life.  As I read God’s word and found out I was “chosen” my heart rejoiced.  ( Jn 15:16&John 6:44)

God hand picked me, singled me out, placed his attention and affection on me.  The wonderful thing about this is:  I didn’t have to have a certain status , Jesus just accepts me.  I came broken and battered and heart full of pain and grief .  Loneliness used to be my best friend but Jesus has turned it around for me.

No longer do I look to be “chosen” because I already apart of God’s Kingdom.  Even wen others reject me , God hasn’t and on a daily basis I get to talk to God, free of charge and 24/7!

Want to know a secret :  The President isn’t the most powerful man it’s JESUS and he knows me!.

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Empowering Thought for Today:   You have your own Journey with God

The Devil has been masquerading for years like he is equal to God!  Not!  He’s not even close but he has worked overtime to convince many that God is angry and doesn’t care for his children.  Our society even attributes hurricanes, tornados and such as “God Disasters”.

I got saved at 14  ( im 50 now) but I have more of a relationship with God in the past 10 years than when I first got saved.  I was a lazy Christian always depending on someone to feed me and when you do that you’re bound to get some contamination.

Now,  we need pastors true pastors I’ll fight anyone that has no respect for a pastor because a true shepherd loves God sheep and know they belong to God and not to them.  There on loan.  I am not blaming anyone because this was all my fault .  I never Read my Bible.  I would pray but was defeated in any good day off the week.  I listened more to the lies of Satan than I believed God.  In other words,  I was my own worst enemy.

I depended too much on people.  I believe I was a worm in the Body of Christ and these mighty men and women of God knew more than me , so they could have told me anything and some did.   I got tired of the results in my life and started questioning who God really to me.

I wanted my own relationship,with God not the pastors.  I stopped believing I had to go to seminary school to read the scriptures ( I actually went).   I had to be ordained to serve people.  Just absolute craziness.

One day while talking with God I simply said:  “I’m your handmaiden” and that just resonated with my spirit.  I could sense God’s Glory all over me.  Little by little as I spent time alone with God I began to change on the inside.  Even some of my friends was saying : “wow”. You’re different.   Day by day God helps me know him better.

I came from admiring other people’s relationship with God to knocking you out of the way to enjoy my own with him.  I stopped desiring others people’s gifts and began to find out my own and how much I really enjoy using them. ( prophetic intercession, prophet, worshipper, writer). Just to name a few.  I learned I just had to be willing and hungry for him to be used by him.  I didn’t need a church to pastor God’s people.  I didn’t need anymore ordination services with titles I was living up to anyway.  ( yes I’ve been ordained 3 times). I’m not against ordination but what I’m against is when we cripple other believers by ,spoon feeding them.  The five fold ministry is to equip the saints.  Have you ever seen a saint doing what God has them to do?  It’s a blessing to God, the body and it gives the validation from Poppa.  God put that gift inside of you  and gave you talent.

A lady contacted me and asked for prayer .  Her request:  she wanted a famous televangelists annoiting and gift.  I told her I couldn’t prayer for that because God has given her her own gift(s).  She insisted she wanted there gifts.  I did pray for here but not what she wanted and neither did I judge her or criticize her because I like her did that  for so many years.  Now I can’t wait to get out of bed to be me.   I check  and re-check scripture not to find fault but so I can be a student of God’s word.  Paul admonishes us not to be thrown about by every wind and doctrine ( Ephesians 4:14 ). And believe me theres a lot of false doctrine.

Hey enjoy your journey!


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Empowering Thought for Today: The Spirit of Rejection and Abandonment has to Go! Part 1

I only met my father once and according to my own mother she was in the grips of getting away from abuse. I always heard he didn’t acknowledge me.

I was raised and adopt by someone else who kept me in contact with my biological mother . I didn’t meet my siblings until I was 6 years old and my oldest sister stayed with my father. I have a younger sister who was with my adopted mom but because if her illnesses she had to go live with other family .

I to tell you that as soon as I came to Jesus everything fell into place , abd rejection just left . Actually it was an old friend who had a prophetic gift that actually started sharing with me about rejection.

There is nit enough altars. No one can lay hands on you abd that spirit is going to disappear. There are no self help books that will help.

Like any spirit it has to be identified and eradicated. God has done wonderful healing in my life concerning this, but I still am on a journey .

Not only did the enemy planted this spirit but I have also been molested,assaulted and almost raped! This did not help.

I just turn fifty and many people regardless of their age they struggle with this spirit. This is something I don’t share lightly or will pretend I have all the answers. What God did for me he will do for you but differently because we all have different journeys.

I will be sharing my journey and deliverance out of The Spirit of Rejection and Abandoment. Hear the testimony because I’m telling you God has eradicated that spirit out of all believers lives, it just a matter of process and healing to take place.

We all deal with different levels of rejection so let’s kill the lie that sister so and so and brother so and so is so put together. Our dependence on God is the key to walking out of the prison of rejection and abandoment .


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Empowering Thought for Today: Don’t disconnect from God

Have you as a child been separated from your parent(s) temporarily? Or as a parent have you seen your child one minute and then the next you can’t find them. I have bern in both situations and it is no fun being disconnected .

One of the things as a believer we must fight for and against at the same time is our relationship with God. God is always there but we can disconnect with him for many reasons.

Unfavorable circumstances in my life in past times caused me to mistrust God. I was saved, filled and speaking in tongues but this disconnect I had was real.

No amount of going to church fixed it. Going to people I thought had answers and knew God didn’t help. What transpired the breakthrough.
I locked myself away and had a heart to heart with God! God is not intimidated by what we say or do! He’s God and honesty is always best for you because God knows everything.

I had to learn to re connect myself with God, nobody can do that for you!
We want people to be our ears, feet and hands but God is jealous and he want you all to yourself.

If you have had unpleasant circumstances , wrong perceptions couple with erroneous understanding of the scriptures, this could cause a disconnect.

God NEVER leaves , but we can leave. That’s why scripture tells us to “resist the Devil and draw near to God”. Each day we have to make a decision that I’m going to connect with God. We have to make this an on purpose decision because the enemy will stand in your way of making your relationship with God more personal . He’ll turn it into religion.

More so than the enemy standing in your way is you yourself . Fight for what Jesus has already provided: ACCESS to God, The Father.

Take this day and connect with God!


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Empowering Thought for Today: Whatever you give Your Attention too you Treasure!

We have all been in love in our youth. You know the silly, dramatic love that you swear on your ancestors that this is serious . The I cannot eat, sleep , etc kinda of love.

The love where you give your attention to your appearance and you are on your best behavior . You remember where you spent hours trying to look your best, what you’re going to say. Many people take this type of love over into their adult lives and it gets them into trouble. Domestic violence (physical and emotional), you’re not taking care of you because you love someone or something more than you love you.

People neglect their children, friendships, careers because they are so into what there into.

Jesus tells us this ” No one can serve two masters, for you will cling to the other and hate the other one” ( my paraphrase )

It’s hard, difficult for many people to love two people that their are romantically linked. I’m a one woman kind of girl and so is my husband. We are jealous over each other like that.

Well God is the same! What idol has caught you’re attention. What has stolen your affection away from God. What has stopped you from preparing for your date with him. What has blinded you away from his affection?

Why have you stop believing, hoping, praying and receiving from him?

Remember, whatever you focus on becomes greater in your life. Focus on God and what he wants for you!


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Empowering Thought for Today: Pray the Miraculous and God will do The Miraculous!

I remember when physicians looked at me and decreed over my life that I would never have children .

I recalled walking down Peach Tree Street crying, just bawling. I had wonderful believers that told me to get it together because God has the final word!

I remembering praying each one of my children into existence . I specifically prayed for a girl, got one. The twins were Gods abundant surprise.

I’ve only heard God speak audibly in my life 3 times and he told me you’re going to have a baby.

I got pregnant quickly lost one then another . I felt like a elephant because my body seem to never recover from pregnancy mode.

I thought what Hod told me was my OWN imagination! I almost baked out and lost my life .

I had a negative Ob/Gyn who spoke negativity over me. I asked for another physician. Every Time I was in this negative doctors presence I spoke in tongues so she could hear me. She was reprimanded for her insensitive and rude remarks .

I was pregnant again and they thought I was losing this child……after a long weekend of waiting for test results I found out I was having twins.

My point Hannah prayed for a child and God granted a miracle to a dried up , helpless snd hopeless womb.

Pray a miracle and God will do a Miracle😋


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