Empowering Thought for Today:  The best prayer is an honest prayer

in it’s most simplest of definition, pray is connecting with God.  Have you ever been at a place and you had very few words?  You’re only saying one to two words.

Peter is a great example of that when Jesus tells him to come join him on the water and he gets distracted and falls in the water he yells “Lord, Save me”. (Matthew 14:30).

Even Jesus tells us how to “not approach God” with a bunch of long rhetoric or empty phrases.  ( Matthew 6:7)

There have been literal times where I did not or could not say anything because what I was dealing with was so heavy there were no words to say.  I was literally crying or moaning.  So,  if I don’t say words am I praying?  Yes,  you are always connected to God.  He never walks out and leaves us , he is a PRESENT help. ( Heb 13:5 and Psalm 46:1)

We can be comforted by the truth that when we ourselves cannot articulate what is going on ,  The Holy Spirit himself prays for us and communicates our heart to God. ( Romans 8:26)

We should be so encouraged to know that God hears our prayers and not only will he  hear but will answer it according to his will.

Amen,  P.

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