Empowering Thought for Today:  Distress?  Call out to God

Featured Image -- 2364Have you ever been numb? Just couldn’t wrap your mind around some situations in your life? Your voice, your body and your mind had shut down so much that you could not even voice your pain?
When you tried to reach for something or someone external to fix the internal struggle that was going on? I’ve been there and if you’re hones you’ve been there. Yes saved and anointed I have some things that made me just moan….

I’ve cried so hard I had no more tears … You know just one of those moments where no one could comfort you at all.
One place I know I can go. I go to my secret place . That place isn’t a specific room in my house as much as it is a place of isolation. I go to my secret place and I can be me and God can be him….. I tell him everything even the groaning and moaning. I tell you I have never left that place disappointed . Many reach for a person , a drink, a drug to numb the pain , but I can lay down my every burden and be released from every frustration .
Try Jesus if you don’t know him for me and others like me he is my only resource!

Love, P.

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