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Empowering Thought for Today:  Don’t let present troubles trouble you!

Suffering, trials, temptations and hardships.  Whether your a newborn or celebrating a hundred these adjectives are apart of everyone’s journey.  For the believer it seems to never end.  There will always be some crises, some unbearable circumstance that will try your JOY. 

There are times when TROUBLE shouts “look over here” or “focus on me”.  This is when every true warrior must look circumstances in the eye and make a decision:  The decision to trust God not quit , not give into your pain and feelings.

We all have faith and doubt moments which are called choices.  We must choose God’s way and his way is although troubles may be present he is also present.  Now which one has more power in your presence?

Love, Lady P.

Empowering Thought for Today:  Persistence will cause Miracles

Hannah -1st Samuel 1-8

Blind Bartimues-Mk 10:46-52

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Five keys to “Persisting “in Prayer! (Mt:18:1)

Persistence means the ability to continuing on in spite of obstacles and trials until your prayers are manifested.  Here are 5 keys to persisting and staying consistent in prayer.

1.Keep asking, seeking and Knocking (Mt 7:7)

2. Maintain your focus because obstacles and distraction will come ( Neh 6-7)

3. Your faith must have action (James 2:14-26)

4.  Join your faith with other believers ( met:18:19)

5.  Get. Dog dish (not literally). For example:  when I was dealing with infertility I bought a baby blue outfit hung it in my closet as a visual of my prayers.

Whatever you are believing for don’t become hyper focused.  Life is still going on so:

A.  Enjoy your life

B.  Trust God for all outcomes

C. If you become weary lean on The Holy Spirit and other believers


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Empowering Thought for Today: This Too shall Pass!

Have you had a barrage of circumstances thrown on you like a big pile of dirty laundry? Have you had days where you didn’t want to get out of bed? Have you had trials and tribulations that seem like they won’t let go? They resemble the white traffic line that continually goes on.

This is what The Devil wants you to believe: That things will never change! God doesn’t care about you and this situation why waste your time.

Don’t be deep- The enemy comes and whispers in all of our ears and it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been walking with CHRIST.

When you are under that type of oppression, the first thing you must do is seek Gods word and pray. You must find the opposite of what you are experiencing.

Truth is nothing stays same. Change is coming whether it’s a good change or a unwise change.

God cannot tell lies and we have got to get to,the place to believe that God is with you in that circumstance, talk to him tell him what do I do here? Comfort me here? Help me pray and not give up here?

We must involve God in our walk and not see him as some distant cousin sitting on a throne looking at all the bad things happening and turning a blind eye .

That is not the God I serve. That is not in his character! This week make a conscious decision you going ask God for help and if he fails to help you blame me- I lied but I don’t think It will happen.

Look up your salvation is near because this too Shall pass-Psalm 55:22

( there is no scripture for this too shall pass)
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Another Empowering Thought for Today: Don’t let the Devil Shake you turn around and shake him!

Whatever is going on don’t allow the devil to shake your faith. If he can get your faith he gets you and access to you! Our weapons Hod has given us are not like the worlds. All of our weapons are from a heavenly source and might through God to pull down strongholds!

Be encouraged not dis-couraged
To be discouraged is to be disconnected from God. Go connect yourself!


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