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Empowering Thought for Today:  Ask The Lord to Align You

Matthew 6:33
I thank God he doesn’t give up on people. There is always hope and a clean slate everyday with God if you are in Christ. I’m always asking God to align me to his word and will because many times if I don’t continue to abide in him I start drifting into my own opinions and thoughts or others opinions and thoughts.
There are days I don’t feel very priestly or my bank account looks like I’m the tail and not the head. You know the days where what God has declared over his children just looks like the wrong outfit on you !
Our five senses are a wonderful creation but your senses on their own can deceive you if you are a citizen of heaven. God wants us to not just say what he has said he wants us to live and breathe it.  
One of the greatest prayers we can pray is : Lord align me to your will! Align means to being something back to its appropriate position. Our position should always be repentance with thanksgiving. We can never take God’s grace and mercy for granted.
We all should have God’s desire in our heart; his kingdom first . Everyday we should be dying to self and surrendering our will until him.
I dare you to ask God to Align you and watch him transform you from the inside out!
Love, Lady P.
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Empowering Thought for Today:  God wants to be your problem solver

Many people like to do these three things when they are confronted with problems:  Panic, procrastinate or attempt to fix the problem.

As Christians one of the most vital elements of walking with Christ is to rely on or trust him.  Jesus has given us the green light to bring every situation to him with the assurance that he hears and answers our petitions.

So, when you are faced with a problem please remember the problem solver.

Love, P.

John 16:33; 2nd Kings 20, Isaiah 38

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Day 26 of 30 Days of Prayer: Ask God to heal You

Most times the simplest things or requests are what we forget. I guess in our minds if it’s not complicated or produce like we envision then we think it’s not valid.

Today I’m asking God to heal my physical body and my emotional traumas. It’s that simple: ASK!

There is more after the asking of course, you must believe in the one you ask and believe you receive what you asked for.

How it is delivered is where we can lose perspective. It is not our job to tell God how to heal us but to know that he wants to do so gladly and will not ignore our request. God cannot lie. Our part is to trust him totally.

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Empowering Thought for Today: Prayer is ASKING-Matthew 7:7

I had a individual ask me about why do I need to talk to God? Doesn’t he know my every thought and all my feelings. Doesn’t he know what I’m going to say before I say it?

Yes, God is who he says he is God and yes he does know our thoughts and feelings better than we do. Before we can form a word he knows it.

The other side of this coin is God is our Father and he wants you to ASK for what you need. If earthly parents gave give attention to their earthly sons and daughters, God who exceeds us earthly creatures desire’s us to ASK.

When you go for a job inter if you cannot expect the interviewer to know what’s on your mind you must communicate .

Prayer is bout communication , prayer is bout ASKING ! Who serves anybody without communication?

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Today, Bend your knees and Pray for somebody!

Prayer is not about selfishness. There was nothing selfish about Jesus and what he did; for what he did was for us. Many people have no problem requesting prayer, standing in line for prayer , asking prayer for all their relatives, friends and co-workers. There is nothing wrong with prayer requests or wanting someone to touch and agree with you, but most people are LAZY! Yes, I said lazy. They think you can pray better than them or that God has gifted you with a special “prayer anointing” and left them out.

Yes, we should prayer for ourselves and family, friends and believers, but there should be moments that you go to God on behalf of somebody-whether that’s a group, country or nation. Take time and bow your knee and lend your voice to pray and beseech God for another , I know it will come back 100 fold to you!

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