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Empowering Thought for Today: Leave The Details to God

Leave The Details to God Jer:11:29
I’m nosey, yes I’m like most humans I want to know the what, when and the why! God doesn’t work in those parameters at all. He ask us to trust him and he will work things out.
Trust is a big word to God it has to be because it’s in the bible a lot. Trust means you rely on the person and you have total confidence in their ability to do what needs to be done. In the world they would call that foolish and stupidity, but God requires each of his children to trust him.  
God has amazing things for each of his children that is obedient to him , but we don’t know every little nook and cranny that comes in our lives.
Many things catch us off guard; other things didn’t work out as we thought. In our pursuit of God the most important thing to remember is: It will work out for our good.  
The bottom line is LEAVE THE DETAILS OF YOUR LIFE TO GOD!! Let him wrk things out after the counsel of his will. Just trust God even when it s painful, uncertain, lonely, misunderstandings and burdens. Believe me who can stand against you when God is for you!
Love, Lady P.

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Empowering Word for Today: ¬†Waiting on God shouldn’t become a Weight!

I am not know for my patience.  God has been very faithful to work that fruit if the Spirit in my life every chance he gets!

People who are not “waiters” usually are not very patient .  These characteristics can cause individuals to make rash and I’ll guarded decisions.  An unwillingness to wait also indicates a lack of maturity and intolerance.

Waiting on the Lord has more to do with trust than it does you sitting around doing nothing but saying you’re are waiting.  Believers have made waiting a “weight”.  I’ve been waiting on my healing; I’ve been waiting on my husband/wife; I’ve been waiting to prosper?  I don’t know who you’re waiting on but that type of waiting is not God.

Waiting means “expectations and hope”.  Waiting on God means basically trusting him with your life.  That’s what it means for Jesus to be Lord.  

Jeremiah 29:11 also tells us that God has a good plan for our life and that evil towards you is not in the plan.

We all have to get to the place and maturity where we really surrender everything to Jesus.  Where even though it looks crazy we still know God is going to work it out for our Good.

Romans 8: 28

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Empowering Thought for Today: Back against the Wall? Jump over the wall with Praise!

My best times to hear God is in my car.  It’s quiet and I’m just listening for The Holy Spirit to drop some nuggets.

We can all agree there is a lot going on in the world and in our present circumstances.  People do a lot of things to relieve pressure and stress in times of difficulty.  Some may exercise, take a hot bath and take a nap.  Whatever they do believers have to take it one step further.

Bubble baths are not going to do it when we are fighting a spiritual battle.  Exercise won’t help you with a spiritual Attack at all.  

Last Christmas I made a mistake with our finances and there was NO MORE MONEY and my sons tuition was due on December 22nd.  At first,  I must admit I panicked and told every friend who would listen my sad story.  After I had my moment I needed answers on what to do.  No I didn’t call the elders of the church, neither did I borrow money.  I began to praise God,  yes I did and there was no answer right away!  Because I had to wait a bit I was willing to ket God know although I had messed up I was going to trust him to help me out.

God did just that!  My son continued to school and all our bills got paid , we ate well and yes I still gave.

The Psalmist tell us “Let everything that hath breath, praise The Lord”.  (Psalm 150:6). Do you have breath?  Then bellow out some praise!


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Empowering Thought for Today: When Your circumstances look bigger than the Promise!

Have you ever received a prophetic word or God shared something with you? You were excited, ecstatic about it. Then, everything from Hell comes against the word(s) you received.

The Apostle Peter received a word from Jesus: Peter upon you I’m going to build my church. What a awesome word. After Jesus death and Peter’s awesome preaching skills where many were saved and added to the Church. He must have thought: “ok, Jesus promise is coming to pass”.

Peter is soon finding out to live for Jesus is not easy. In Acts chapter 12 Peter is thrown into prison. Satan will do anything to keep Gods promises from coming to pass by distraction and deception.

Sitting between two soilder soldiers he might have thought: how am I going to help build Gods church in here?

What do you do when you have a promise and in between there’s all types of opposition?

First, God will not lie, cannot lie! What he says will come to pass. We will determine if The Word(s) God has spoken will come to pass by our FAITH in what he said to us. Satan CANNOT stop God promises in your life. He doesn’t have the power neither the authority, but what he can get is your permission if you aren’t prayerful.

Things we say out of our mouth that’s opposite of what God is saying. If you have done this: repent and grab hold of your prophecies and war with them and like Peter, God can deliver you from your circumstances.


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Day 26 of 30 Days of Prayer: Ask God to heal You

Most times the simplest things or requests are what we forget. I guess in our minds if it’s not complicated or produce like we envision then we think it’s not valid.

Today I’m asking God to heal my physical body and my emotional traumas. It’s that simple: ASK!

There is more after the asking of course, you must believe in the one you ask and believe you receive what you asked for.

How it is delivered is where we can lose perspective. It is not our job to tell God how to heal us but to know that he wants to do so gladly and will not ignore our request. God cannot lie. Our part is to trust him totally.

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Don’t Eat Stale Manna get Fresh Bread Everyday in his Presence!-Exodus 16

Have you ever seen people live in yesteryear? People who worry about days they may not be in? People who hoard because they fear for tomorrow? These people were the Children of Israel. Who had come out of Egypt and now had to learn to trust God for the very food. They had a little trouble with this idea of only getting enough manna/bread for the day; they started hoarding the manner. Before this they were actually stating that Egypt was a place they missed! A place that held them as slaves.

We use their example and shake our heads but we too as believers live in the past when our circumstances aren’t prime . God could have given 20 prophetic words he was going to supply and bring you out and yet we doubt him.

I loved the man that came before Jesus and said “I want to believe , but help my unbelief “. Get in his presence everyday and get revitalized and get refresh everyday. There is nothing like a home cooked meal from Papa with your eldest brother(Jesus Christ) serving and The Holy Spirit keeping it hot!

Love, P.

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God doesn’t need our assistance;he needs our obedience-John 14:15

I’m always drilling into my children especially the younger ones: follow directions or do what I told you to do. With my teenager I have to add without talking back or questioning my authority and wisdom.

This is something God has really pressed upon me: obey my voice. Jesus said if you love him you would keep his commandments. I’m no bible scholar but it doesn’t mean creating a ritual of some religious act, but it could mean if you love me then you would obey me! So condemnation won’t come you can’t do any of this In your flesh you will fail. We need the power of the Holy Spirit to teach us how to have 3 things if we are going to obey :

1. Trust in God
2. God’s track record-he is not a liar
3. Just do it because God takes foolish things of this world to confound the wise. The Holy Spirit never makes sense to our natural mind.

Ask The Holy Spirit to help you obey God everyday ; it’s easy to doubt and question but it takes faith to obey!
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My Empowering Thought for Today:

The enemy us after your faith in God. If you can mistrust and dint believe God you have been defeated. Faith is the foundation if our Christian Walk.

The devil hates your times of intimacy with The Father and will do anything to stop that. Distractions, unfavorable circumstances. He is jealous of your position with God-that you RULE and REIGN over him!

Be Encouraged, P.



I Will…….Pray Luke 18:1

Have you ever felt helpless? Yes I’m sure you have. Someone passed and you didn’t know what to say. Someone told you they had cancer and you didn’t know what to do or how to react. As believers if we cannot do anything else we should always be ready to pray !

Pray remember is relationships. Have you ever been so overwhelmed that words are beyond you? I’m sure of this too, but our Father can and will always hear and answer our prayers no matter how simple they may seem. A moan, a cry, a rock, silence. He sees and cares and responds. So no matter what we are faced with we must PRAY!

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