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Empowering Thought for Today: Pray the Miraculous and God will do The Miraculous!

I remember when physicians looked at me and decreed over my life that I would never have children .

I recalled walking down Peach Tree Street crying, just bawling. I had wonderful believers that told me to get it together because God has the final word!

I remembering praying each one of my children into existence . I specifically prayed for a girl, got one. The twins were Gods abundant surprise.

I’ve only heard God speak audibly in my life 3 times and he told me you’re going to have a baby.

I got pregnant quickly lost one then another . I felt like a elephant because my body seem to never recover from pregnancy mode.

I thought what Hod told me was my OWN imagination! I almost baked out and lost my life .

I had a negative Ob/Gyn who spoke negativity over me. I asked for another physician. Every Time I was in this negative doctors presence I spoke in tongues so she could hear me. She was reprimanded for her insensitive and rude remarks .

I was pregnant again and they thought I was losing this child……after a long weekend of waiting for test results I found out I was having twins.

My point Hannah prayed for a child and God granted a miracle to a dried up , helpless snd hopeless womb.

Pray a miracle and God will do a Miracle😋


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Homeschooling Year Round: Dreaded subjects

Parents are their children’s first teacher! Although many people will come into your child’s life and teach many things! The debate with homeschooling for those that do not is: Are parents qualified to teach? I was a teacher and studying education and certification helped little in teaching children.

I was taught a lot of other menial tasks but how to teach wasn’t one of them.

I hated to do science. I didn’t care for it in school nor did I do well. Math was another subject. Let’s get this straight being a teacher helped but not as much as you think.

I had to search a minute for a decent science curriculum: Shout out to Apologia! Wow made me fall in love again with God and his creativity.

Math I use plain old guide and a lot of hands on math activities.

The bottom line is this, parents are capable of teaching their children and if there’s a subject you can get a handle on theirs other tutors and parents to talk with. What do you think parents of school children do when their child is behind in a subject? Get a tutor!

So, this assessment of parents who homeschool is ridiculous!

-Priscilla, Homeschooling mom of twins

Homeschooling Year Round: Homeschoolers are not lazy!

Anyone that homeschool’s know being at home is no joke! The myth for homeschoolers is: “if you are home, your social skills are terrible.

We are not in the house all day, every day. My children do more than academics. The world is our oyster when we homeschool.

People see my children at times most children are in school. They proudly tell them there homeschooled. We go to comic book stores, farmers market, games with other children who too are homeschooled.

So, it’s NOT true ! Homeschoolers are not lazy.


I homeschool Year Round: Having Fun Writing

Writing can be treacherous for most boys and it is no different with my twins . I don’t have statistics but most High schoolers taking The SAT complain about the writing or have difficulty organizing their thoughts, especially males.

My goal as a homeschooling mother and former educator is to help boys organize their thoughts. I have relied on many resources to help me guide the writing process.

Here are some tools I use:

1. Graphic Organizers- I look on Pinterest or Teachers Paying teachers
2. Draw pictures(illustrations) stories do not have to be full if words.
3. Use video and oral presentations to tell stories(especially if your child has a LD.

4. Someone else can dictate their story
5. Act out your story.

The problem with traditional school is so much stifling of creativity with worksheets.

The BraveWriter and my own ideas have help me make our Writing Workshop time fun. I have young ones (4th grade). 20-30 minutes top and oh , I forgot my children love doing comics-how can you not be creative with that?

Homeschooling Year Round: Oh, the things I can do!

My twins who I homeschool can do more than my other two older children.

The twins are nine and they can make:

1. A light breakfast-toast , cereal, OJ, boil eggs, etc
2. Do Laundry-measuring, sorting and folding.
3. Make their own bed and lightly clean their room
4. Gather and take out trash on trash day
5. Put a load of dishes in dishwasher and run it
6. Sweep/vacuum floors

This just a small list, but my private schooled older children never did this at this age because we were busy with projects and running to and from school. My older children were exhausted.

So, homeschool is beneficial for more than academics . Homeschool is where children learn to be children!


Homeschooling Year Round: forgetting The Nay Sayers!

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment and I had yo take my boys who are homeschooled. They finished a math and reading assignment and we were off.

We did math in the car! Yes, I said car. After the appointment I went to Walmart to pick up a few things and we had to use the restroom. One gentleman commented: Why are out if school today ? He asked again as if I owned him an explanation. He was so loud and persistent, I told him I homeschool my children and that’s why you see them at this school hour. Everyone In the store heard my proud outcry.

He looked at me and said “. Good for you, because these schools are a mess”. Now I’m not against any school you choose for your child, that’s the beauty of our democracy. I am against naysayers who dog homeschoolers with their unfounded lies and false allegations.

So to all people who are against homeschoolers and feel they are messing up their children, here’s to you( blowing raspberries ). Who cares, are you the education police?

-Priscilla IMG_0133.JPG

Homeschooling Year Round-Should I Dare to Compare?

Wow, Johnny is only twelve but he graduated last year and is ready for college. Sarah skipped preschool and can do first grade math at four . Jonas runs his own company at sixteen. Homeschoolers do this everyday- to each other, themselves and to their poor children. I think you should take children and accept them where they are.

Some homeschoolers struggle and no they don’t have special need children.

The worse thing that any homeschooling family can do is compare themselves to anybody .

I have twins but I also had two older children so with my younger twins I was not new to motherhood although I was a new “twin mom “. My husband had a presentation and my 2 year olds had pacifiers. A well meaning lady commented that there too old for pacifiers ; I told her the pacifiers were for me so I wouldn’t go insane . Of course that was partially true but it shut her up. I knew by Kindergarten they would not be dependent on pacifiers. If I was comparing like when I was a new, insecure mom I would have been in tears or she would have .

Bottom line: enjoy the journey and enjoy your children.


Homeschooling Year Round: The Decision

I was a teacher teaching pre-K-4th grade so homeschooling wasn’t in my vocabulary. I was voted best teacher. So my career was I. A classroom setting not a home setting.

I wa teaching first grade and my children were In first grade. I was getting calls all the time about my oldest twin. Eventually. I had enough! Talk to a few friends that dis it and are doing it and made THE DECISION to homeschool. The funny part was when I went to my husband hew a in total agreement. God was leading me also and I took a leap of faith.

I kept saying I’ll just do it 1 year and the. Off to public school you go, but it’s been 3 years and I haven’t feel led to,out them back in school.

They don’t miss it! They love it and the funny thing is my older daughter who is In a private school( they support homeschoolers ) wants me to,homeschool,her and has an attitude about it!

So there you have it; it all starts with a decision and it was a great decision for us! Keep homeschooling!


Homeschooling Year Round-Oh my, the dreaded curriculum

This is the first time since Homeschooling since 2011 that I’m at peace with our curriculum. I have gone through a lot of things and spent a lot of money but now I have something we can enjoy.

This year no more looking at websites and companies that
say there curriculum is the best. As a former teacher I had to realize I teach, the curriculum is a guide. Homeschooling is about learning and I’m learning a lot.

Something new for us: construction and I chose Apologia for Science with cool experiments. ( I hate science my least favorite subject). Reading has been simplified to teaching comprehension and reading an age appropriate literature book. Spelling and vocabulary are done on Spelling City using words from All About Spelling. Math is taught by BJU DVD, this helps the math come back to me. It’s been some time since I did this type of math and the way Common Core has been presented I would be crying too.

Final analysis: There is no magical curriculum; just the curriculum that works best for you!

-Priscilla , I’m a homeschooling Mama of Twins(9)