Empowering Thought for Today:  You are extremely important to God!

As a younger person I used to actually think I did not make a difference .  One of my favorite movies is:  It’s a wonderful life!  Many individuals go through there everyday routine of life and never stop and think why am I still around?  The bottom line is “bad and horrific ” things happened to a lot of people.  Whether you’re saved or not at this time God has placed value on your life.  Whether you value what he sees doesn’t make it less true that you are important to him.

 God sent his don to die for you.  Can you imagine that ?  I cannot because I don’t won’t any of my children to due for nobody neither do I want to make that sacrifice .  So wherever you are and whatever you’re doing and whatever you’re going through- God loved us first !   His validation is the only thing that matters.  We need to stop holding people hostage for failing us according to our perspective .  Reach and stretch to receive God’s love.  Let him show you why you were created.  Let him show you your value!!!!!!!!!  

Amen, Lady P.

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