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Empowering Thought for Today:  God is my Defense;Whose yours ?

Our military system pays billions of dollars to defend this country.  Unfortunately, they treat the military soilders with. Lack of respect .  While I was in church God started telling me he was my FORTRESS! (Psalm 18:2) a wall of protection around me. Well like my most nosey self I begin to think physical protection ONLY.  As I meditated on this passage of scripture as well as other scriptures I began to see patterns of words such as:  Rock, refuge, fortress , deliverer, shield, stronghold and horn of salvation.  As I began to meditate on this I saw that I had a choice, I could completely lean on God for support or trust my skill sets, talents and abilities and as I write this I find this hilarious.  

There are times we are not just in physical warfare but there are times where main,y the battle is against our minds, the seat of our will,and emotions.   You literally battle in your mind.  So, I started to take this scripture and battle and prayer over this word.   That no matter what I face that I would. It let fear and unbelief rule my life.  That God is my rock, fortress, refuge, etc.  Tame the word and do warfare with it, believe me we never can relax when the enemy is raging.  We also must not be to anxious about him doing what he was called to do, but we must trust God without reservation!

Love, P.

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