Empowering Thought for Today: When Your circumstances look bigger than the Promise!

Have you ever received a prophetic word or God shared something with you? You were excited, ecstatic about it. Then, everything from Hell comes against the word(s) you received.

The Apostle Peter received a word from Jesus: Peter upon you I’m going to build my church. What a awesome word. After Jesus death and Peter’s awesome preaching skills where many were saved and added to the Church. He must have thought: “ok, Jesus promise is coming to pass”.

Peter is soon finding out to live for Jesus is not easy. In Acts chapter 12 Peter is thrown into prison. Satan will do anything to keep Gods promises from coming to pass by distraction and deception.

Sitting between two soilder soldiers he might have thought: how am I going to help build Gods church in here?

What do you do when you have a promise and in between there’s all types of opposition?

First, God will not lie, cannot lie! What he says will come to pass. We will determine if The Word(s) God has spoken will come to pass by our FAITH in what he said to us. Satan CANNOT stop God promises in your life. He doesn’t have the power neither the authority, but what he can get is your permission if you aren’t prayerful.

Things we say out of our mouth that’s opposite of what God is saying. If you have done this: repent and grab hold of your prophecies and war with them and like Peter, God can deliver you from your circumstances.


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