Empowering Thought for Today: Don’t Retreat proceed with victory!

I decided back in the early 90’s to go back to school. I had a small toddler and was on my second child. I had a duel major, Speech/Political Science and I was taking a full load of classes and about 7 months pregnant with “cankles”. ( ladies who had babies get it)

I had two yes two advanced Spanish classes and I was not keeping up. To make matters more complicated I had to prepare and give speeches while trying to be on the debate team. I was close to graduating, so my eye was always on the prize. Somewhere between the classes, being a wife, a mother of a small child and one on the way, I crashed and burned! The pressure was to much.

The Devil tactic is to get you to retreat. If he puts enough pressure on you then you will back up off of him and turn around and run. No, no, no.
The Apostle Paul says we should “press”. I love that word. It means I got yo keep going forward and stay focus cause I have a goal!

It means sometimes I will not be able to hangout and play the reindeer games, I have a goal. It might mean giving up some leisure time for a season but I got a goal.

When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Lord will lift up a standard against him! ( Isaiah 59:19)


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