Empowering Thought for Today: The Spirit of Rejection and Abandonment has to Go! Part 1

I only met my father once and according to my own mother she was in the grips of getting away from abuse. I always heard he didn’t acknowledge me.

I was raised and adopt by someone else who kept me in contact with my biological mother . I didn’t meet my siblings until I was 6 years old and my oldest sister stayed with my father. I have a younger sister who was with my adopted mom but because if her illnesses she had to go live with other family .

I to tell you that as soon as I came to Jesus everything fell into place , abd rejection just left . Actually it was an old friend who had a prophetic gift that actually started sharing with me about rejection.

There is nit enough altars. No one can lay hands on you abd that spirit is going to disappear. There are no self help books that will help.

Like any spirit it has to be identified and eradicated. God has done wonderful healing in my life concerning this, but I still am on a journey .

Not only did the enemy planted this spirit but I have also been molested,assaulted and almost raped! This did not help.

I just turn fifty and many people regardless of their age they struggle with this spirit. This is something I don’t share lightly or will pretend I have all the answers. What God did for me he will do for you but differently because we all have different journeys.

I will be sharing my journey and deliverance out of The Spirit of Rejection and Abandoment. Hear the testimony because I’m telling you God has eradicated that spirit out of all believers lives, it just a matter of process and healing to take place.

We all deal with different levels of rejection so let’s kill the lie that sister so and so and brother so and so is so put together. Our dependence on God is the key to walking out of the prison of rejection and abandoment .


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