Empowering Thought for Today:  YOU, God is LOOKING for YOU!

As children we all played the game, Hide-N-Seek.  Well the good news for you is if you just got saved or been saved a while, you are now a SoilderIn The Army of The Lord.  Here are just a few things soilders in the kingdom need to do!

1.  Stay connected to CHRIST who is connected to God.  You need orders

2.  Basic Training-  you must know how to fight and get acquainted with your equipment

3.  Learn your enemy

4.  Stay focus… Soilders cannot be easily distracted .  Don’t get entangle with the world system

5.  Stay prepared, alert , diligent and watchful –  we fight everyday in this army

6.  Keep fit physically and spiritually

7.  Learn when to rest- a tired soilder is a soilder that makes mistakes 

8.  You’re responsible for other soilders

9.  Follow directions…… This is not JUST about you… Not following orders could hurt you and others

10.  Stay prayerful that means you have to as number one states:  stay connected

Hell is REAL and SATAN is real…. He’s defeated but if you don’t know that you will be a defeated christisn who actually has victory.

Actually , The Chief of the Army has defeated DEATH and HELL………..  So , you must use every weapon God has given to you…..

Love You,  now fight the good fight of faith!


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