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Empowering Thought for Today: Are you coming to the Party God has for you?

I refuse to sit for hours at a time and indulge in senseless media, this includes : TV , magazines, all social Media etc. Time is something we cannot retrieve back. Once it’s gone it’s gone!

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do it or do it I’m telling you what I refuse to do with the time God has allotted me.

God has sent out an invitation to all humans to join him through his son, Jesus Christ the Savior and Lord to come to a feast or party as the guest of honor.

He has healing for you and love is his main course. He wants to tell you and show you what he has in store for you. Don’t get caught up in time get caught up in the elaborate celebration of who you are in Christ Jesus.

The party would not be possible if Jesus wasn’t there!

We can take our time everyday and can waste it on insignificant things. This us no time to be distracted and second guess who the Master Party Planner is inviting . Take your invitation and go and get your gifts and surprises.

The only admission at the door is salvation to get in, once in all the treasures are yours. Come on don’t you get it you hold the audience of a King and a Creator and The Paraklete, the one who helps you and comforts you.

Oh don’t forget about your angel who watches over you and stands at attention to battle for you.

CNN and Reality shows can’t fulfill your need at this party. Wasting time doing nothing is not an option. This is the season of “seek my presence “.

Enjoy God in abundance!


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