Empowering Thought for Today:  Strategies Satan use against your Prayer Life!

Jesus tells us men should always pray and not give up ( Kuke 18:1a)So the least and the most we can do on any given day and time is to communicate with our Heavenly Father.

Prayer much like praise is a tactic against satanic forces.  That’s why prayer is more than a religious act.  Prayer is more than words and time.  Prayer is action!  Prayer involves faith and faith without works is dead( scripture).

Prayer is the most attacked by the kingdom of darkness. Prayer tears downs strongholds and invisible kingdoms. If a believer has no prayer life it’s like saying they have no oxygen and connection to their lifeline.

Satan doesn’t mind you holding prayer meetings if you are going to gossip or if they become cliques.  You’re not effective.  Prayer takes work, many speak littke if this fact.  A warrior is someibe who fights, fighting takes skill, energy and time.  Translation:  Work

The enemy comes to steal , kill and destroy and this includes your prayer life. ( John 10:10

Here are tactics the enemy uses to come against your personal time with God:

1.  Deception.  Know the word because if you don’t he will feed you lies.

You ever heard it doesn’t take all of that?  Well it does and more

2. Distractions .  This is the big one if he can get your focus somewhere else then you’re not praying.

3.  Discouragement.  Ever prayed for something and it didn’t happen ?  You think?  Prayer takes persistence which takes patience to wait on the promise, but discouragement will cause us to talk ourselves out if faith.

4.  Delays.  This is one too!  I prayed for a husband and it didn’t happen.  Read Daniel 10th chapter that should explain delays.

What we must not to do is lose heart,  the prayer that God listens to is the one prayed by faith with the expectation that in God’s timing he will answer.  In the meantime,  Praise him!


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