Empowering Thought for Today: Go to the Secret Place

When I was little there were only two places I loved to play in: My room, of course and The basement.

Most people would forget about the basement.  It was my secret hiding place.  This was the place that I would go as a child when life got a bit much and I could be me and be creative.

I didn’t have an audience I didn’t need one,  I just needed all my favorite things there that made me feel special and warm on the inside.  No judgements here , noooooo I was free to create and think without corrections of my grammar.  I didn’t have to wear anything special because it was just me.

I’m not a child anymore but I still have a secret place and that place is abiding in God.  Jesus put it like this:  if you abide in me, and my words abide in you, you can have what you desire.  (John 15:7). I know people miss that but that is stating a covenantal relationship.  If you can abide (remain) your dependance, your trust , your control and my words remain in you, actively living and pursuing my purpose for your life, then you can have what you desire.

Many times we have to shut up the many voices that are competing for our attention and go to that secret place in God and rest and remain.


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