Empowering Thought for Today:   You have your own Journey with God

The Devil has been masquerading for years like he is equal to God!  Not!  He’s not even close but he has worked overtime to convince many that God is angry and doesn’t care for his children.  Our society even attributes hurricanes, tornados and such as “God Disasters”.

I got saved at 14  ( im 50 now) but I have more of a relationship with God in the past 10 years than when I first got saved.  I was a lazy Christian always depending on someone to feed me and when you do that you’re bound to get some contamination.

Now,  we need pastors true pastors I’ll fight anyone that has no respect for a pastor because a true shepherd loves God sheep and know they belong to God and not to them.  There on loan.  I am not blaming anyone because this was all my fault .  I never Read my Bible.  I would pray but was defeated in any good day off the week.  I listened more to the lies of Satan than I believed God.  In other words,  I was my own worst enemy.

I depended too much on people.  I believe I was a worm in the Body of Christ and these mighty men and women of God knew more than me , so they could have told me anything and some did.   I got tired of the results in my life and started questioning who God really to me.

I wanted my own relationship,with God not the pastors.  I stopped believing I had to go to seminary school to read the scriptures ( I actually went).   I had to be ordained to serve people.  Just absolute craziness.

One day while talking with God I simply said:  “I’m your handmaiden” and that just resonated with my spirit.  I could sense God’s Glory all over me.  Little by little as I spent time alone with God I began to change on the inside.  Even some of my friends was saying : “wow”. You’re different.   Day by day God helps me know him better.

I came from admiring other people’s relationship with God to knocking you out of the way to enjoy my own with him.  I stopped desiring others people’s gifts and began to find out my own and how much I really enjoy using them. ( prophetic intercession, prophet, worshipper, writer). Just to name a few.  I learned I just had to be willing and hungry for him to be used by him.  I didn’t need a church to pastor God’s people.  I didn’t need anymore ordination services with titles I was living up to anyway.  ( yes I’ve been ordained 3 times). I’m not against ordination but what I’m against is when we cripple other believers by ,spoon feeding them.  The five fold ministry is to equip the saints.  Have you ever seen a saint doing what God has them to do?  It’s a blessing to God, the body and it gives the validation from Poppa.  God put that gift inside of you  and gave you talent.

A lady contacted me and asked for prayer .  Her request:  she wanted a famous televangelists annoiting and gift.  I told her I couldn’t prayer for that because God has given her her own gift(s).  She insisted she wanted there gifts.  I did pray for here but not what she wanted and neither did I judge her or criticize her because I like her did that  for so many years.  Now I can’t wait to get out of bed to be me.   I check  and re-check scripture not to find fault but so I can be a student of God’s word.  Paul admonishes us not to be thrown about by every wind and doctrine ( Ephesians 4:14 ). And believe me theres a lot of false doctrine.

Hey enjoy your journey!


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2 thoughts on “Empowering Thought for Today:   You have your own Journey with God”

  1. On your search to God you seem to have taken some road with three ordinations or three times taken on a priesthood in a church? Did you change denominations because of thieir teachings or because you started feeling some teachings were not right?

    We do hope you shall be able to find the right path and come to see who Jesus is and Who od really is, because probably those institutions you went to where probably trinitarian theological colleges, which spen more time on church history and writing of human beings instead of writings from the prophets and men of God, assembled in the Bible.

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