Empowering Thought for Today: Who are You?

One of my favorite shows on TV was CSI and the intro song by Thr Rick Group the Who was : Who are you? Hoo hoo hoo hoo.

The premise was to establish an identity of the person that was murdered. In investigating who the individual was it would give insight into why they were killed. Basically who was thus person.

Jesus asked his disciple Peter: who do men say that I am? Demons proclaimed to the Sons of Sceva: Paul I know but who are You? (Mark 8:27 and Acts 19:14)

Who are you? Many people cannot answer that because their identity is found in superficial means, such as: parent, spouse, co worker, supervisor, child, etc

If we are going to effective for CHRIST we must know who we are in him. Many of us refuse to know, don’t take time to know, or are caught up more in our problems struggling uneccessry than to find out Who we are in Christ.

Scripture declares who we are in Christ. Many know the scriptures and yet don’t believe them or put them into practice .

For example, I’m a Crosby doesn’t matter whether I was born one or married into the family I’m a Crosby . More specifically I’m my husbands spouse, therefore if he becomes incapacitated I can make decisions on his behalf. My children have the same last name, if I eat they eat too because as a Crosby they have the right to be fed and taken care of.

Same principal for the children of Light. Because Jesus died and was resurrected we are his younger siblings , therefore what Jesus has authority over so do we!

We don’t have to be sick, broke, rejected, confused, lazy, etc because Jesus paid it ALL there’s nothing left to owe.

Take your authority and receive your inheritance, so the next time Satan or his imps bring anything they will think twice. Why? Because you know who you are!


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