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Empowering Thought for Today:  Have you KISSED God Today?

we must always be reminded because you’re busy doesn’t mean your productive nor producing for The kingdom of God. (Ouch!). I know that sting because we think if we gave to the poor, paid our tithes and didn’t cuss out our supervisors we did great for Jesus.  Yes I said cuss !

One thing that Jesus shows us consistently in scripture is that he kissed God daily and often .  I know you’re saying how can you kiss God he’s a Spirit.  The Greek word for “Worship” means to “Kiss”.  Worship is more than 2 fast songs and 2 slow ones .  It is more than a choir singing or the worship leader leading a congregation.

If you had noe of these attributes or couldn’t sing your way out of trouble you can still worship God.

How, you say?  We are to worship God with our lives in spirit and in truth!  (John 4:23-24)

What if you cannot speak ?  Or hear?  Last month I had laryngitis that left me writing out my thoughts and requests but you know what I still Worshipped God.

Do you worship God when things are great only?  Do you worship God when everything is going your way?  Do you worship God when people reject you and revile you?  Do you worship God when death and sickness come?  Do you worship God when there’s no one else around?

Only you can answer these questions.  For me,  I just want to be with God, even if he doesn’t do anything else for me ( but he will). I want God to see me approaching him and he just smiling.  Because I’m not giving him a “to do list”.  I run from people who are always begging for something.  Now don’t get me wrong God says to Ask and by all means ask but there’s more to God than him being a slot machine.

Well take time out today, right now,  it’s never to late, go give God a big ole Kiss!


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Empowering Thought for Today: Try Praise: God is worthy of our Praise

I love Thanksgiving! Because it’s reminds everybody to be thankful for something !

God should be our only focus. Our spiritual eyes should always be upon him and our ears should be hearkening to His voice alone.

The beauty of praise should be heartfelt not greed and begging for things.

Yes we should ask according to his will but there’s nothing like delighting in God for his majesty and splendor.

Try it : close your eyes and meditate on him.

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Five ways to put The Devil on Mute in your Life! John 10:10

The devil has a three fold plan for all followers of Jesus Christ: To kill, steal and destroy you and he probably has a myriad of ways he goes into accomplishing that! We do not need to fear him for our lives are hidden in Christ Jesus!

We are our own worst enemy our lack of intimacy with God many times open doors for the enemy to come and run all over us. Many of us are ignorant about our enemy he can use us to destroy ourselves.

Ever been in a battle with your mind? Hearing all types of doubts and lies? Put the devil on mute!

1. Submit to God- resists the Devil and he will. Flee
2. Read the Word of God out aloud or tape-Faith comes by hearing
3. Pray in the Spirit-it builds your faith
4. Begin to worship The Lord
5. Decree and declare God’s promises to you from his word, this includes prophetic words spoken over you!

Now go and BE victorious !

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Turn your Woes into Worship! John 5:1-15

There really is nothing cute about being a victim. The man who had been sick by the Pool of Bethesda, finally got his day of healing. You know the pool that the Angel of The Lord would come down once a year and stir the waters and people would be healed ? Yeah that pool, where our victim couldn’t  get to more than over 30 years.

When Jesus even inquires he says ” I have no one to help me in the water”. Wow, in 38 years you could not have yelled, scooted, ask, beg, bribed somebody to put you in the water. I would have been like get a jar and pour the water on me. 🙂 lol Even Jesus himself ask the man did he want to be healed. This guy took laziness to a whole different level. Jesus told the man get up and walk.

We have all had woe is me moments or feeling sorry for ourselves. I remember just complaining to God one time about my children, that quickly changed when God started sharing that my children were not fighting for their lives in some hospital. My tune change quickly to thanksgiving. Turn your woes into Worship and watch things change.

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Get addicted to God’s Presence- Psalm 16:11 in his presence there is fullness of joy!

The bottom line for the word addiction means: you can’t get enough of the thing you’re focused on.
Some of us have serious cravings for food, hobbies, recreational drugs, people , etc….. Our ociety encourages addictions by telling us the latest gossip, or fashion .

I have never left the presence of God disappointed. I have learned more about God in my moments with him then people telling me alone.

Yesterday in my time with him one of the things he revealed was: He desires each one of his children to experience his love. This is major for me considering I lived with rejection for years. There is a maturity that takes place when you have experienced God for yourself. I’m married and my spouse share intimacies that we do not share with our children, our neighbors, our friends but just he and I.

Stop leading God in prayer with your perception of what should take place, mature in your prayer life and let the Holy Spirit’s presence make you come back again and again. This is ONE ADDICTION that you can surely indulge in.

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Take the “Praise Challenge”

We are inundated with negativity on a daily basis. When another human being is kind to another human being one is suspicious. We can pass all the laws we like but we can never change someone’s moral compass with the stroke of a pen.

As believers we are commander to give God “thanks”. Many of us worship God when everything is great; others worship God when they “feel ” like doing so.

Can I be honest? In my life things aren’t always going good and I don’t always feel like praising God. The Psalmist tells us that everything that has breath should praise God. In the book of Luke there were 10 Lepers that Jesus healed only one came back and he wasn’t a believer( a Samaritian). Jesus even said “wasn’t it ten of you”?

You’re challenge is to give God praise for 10 minutes. If you have trouble ask God for help; if you do not then keep going. Do it all day long, everyday, 365 days a week and watch the power of God manifest in your life in a powerful way.

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