Empowering Thought for Today: Don’t disconnect from God

Have you as a child been separated from your parent(s) temporarily? Or as a parent have you seen your child one minute and then the next you can’t find them. I have bern in both situations and it is no fun being disconnected .

One of the things as a believer we must fight for and against at the same time is our relationship with God. God is always there but we can disconnect with him for many reasons.

Unfavorable circumstances in my life in past times caused me to mistrust God. I was saved, filled and speaking in tongues but this disconnect I had was real.

No amount of going to church fixed it. Going to people I thought had answers and knew God didn’t help. What transpired the breakthrough.
I locked myself away and had a heart to heart with God! God is not intimidated by what we say or do! He’s God and honesty is always best for you because God knows everything.

I had to learn to re connect myself with God, nobody can do that for you!
We want people to be our ears, feet and hands but God is jealous and he want you all to yourself.

If you have had unpleasant circumstances , wrong perceptions couple with erroneous understanding of the scriptures, this could cause a disconnect.

God NEVER leaves , but we can leave. That’s why scripture tells us to “resist the Devil and draw near to God”. Each day we have to make a decision that I’m going to connect with God. We have to make this an on purpose decision because the enemy will stand in your way of making your relationship with God more personal . He’ll turn it into religion.

More so than the enemy standing in your way is you yourself . Fight for what Jesus has already provided: ACCESS to God, The Father.

Take this day and connect with God!


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