Empowering Thought for Today: Whatever you give Your Attention too you Treasure!

We have all been in love in our youth. You know the silly, dramatic love that you swear on your ancestors that this is serious . The I cannot eat, sleep , etc kinda of love.

The love where you give your attention to your appearance and you are on your best behavior . You remember where you spent hours trying to look your best, what you’re going to say. Many people take this type of love over into their adult lives and it gets them into trouble. Domestic violence (physical and emotional), you’re not taking care of you because you love someone or something more than you love you.

People neglect their children, friendships, careers because they are so into what there into.

Jesus tells us this ” No one can serve two masters, for you will cling to the other and hate the other one” ( my paraphrase )

It’s hard, difficult for many people to love two people that their are romantically linked. I’m a one woman kind of girl and so is my husband. We are jealous over each other like that.

Well God is the same! What idol has caught you’re attention. What has stolen your affection away from God. What has stopped you from preparing for your date with him. What has blinded you away from his affection?

Why have you stop believing, hoping, praying and receiving from him?

Remember, whatever you focus on becomes greater in your life. Focus on God and what he wants for you!


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