Empowering Thought for Today:  Jesus is My Life-No Apologies

I have gone through many storms in my life to see the hand of God literally bless me with so much.  I will soon be 51, but there was a time in my life where I was prophelied too and told because of an endocrine disorder I had unbeknownst to me at the age of 18 would hinder my chances of conceiving.

God straight up and down gave me a miracle , actually as I look back over my past God’s hand has been evident in my life, long before I excepted Jesus as my personal savior.  Another physician said ” I wouldn’t live to 50 I will die!  I’m certain all of us have been accused of things we didn’t do, been misunderstood, been the victim of jealousy, etc but there’s nothing new under the sun.

When we except Jesus there is no pie in the sky, there is no I hit the lottery type of mentality.  You must abide in Christ to live the abundant life he promised.

This is a decision I’ve made therefore my life is Christ!  There is no going back and I cannot afford to act as if he doesn’t exist in my life.  Good, bad or indifferent he is the rock of my salvation!

love, P.

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