Empowering Thought for Today:  Jesus Had a Moment!

One of my favorite things to say when life becomes challenging is: “Give me a moment”.
everybody needs a moment. When everybody calling and pulling on you at one time- “I need a moment”.
when you have more bills than money-“I need a Moment”. when people giving you the side eye and talking kind of crazy- Yeah, I need a moment.

Paul tell us that we need our armour on because we need to be alert, dilligent and watchful. Paul tells us not just for you but you should have every believer’s back.

Jesus had a moment. he knew since he left his hime in glory and entered the womb of a woman this moment was to arrive.
Have you ever faced a situation where you needed no extra distractions or drama, but dram and distractions were all around. Jesus faced this and ive read these passages before but came away with more love for Jesus.
Jesus about to face death and the disciples are arguing, Peter is getyin ready to deny him and Judas is about to betray him.
He needs a moment where he can quiet his thoughts with prayer so he goes to that familiar place. while in the Garden of Gethsemane he wants the disciples to pray with him, they cannot even do that for they fall asleep.
Ever been through something and you thought you needed support but couldnt find nobody?
felt like you were about to drown but there was no life jacket?
There are just some things we have to face alone without human intervention. There will be times that you and God alone have to talk that thing out.
Prayer is work and there are times you got to stand until you get your breakthrough.
I have moments like Jesus where I through my hands in the air and say Lord, please indont wsnt to deal with this or that. Even in the midst of the thing thats causing pain and anquish theres something about being in God’s presence begins to give you peace and perspective.
Jesus says “not my will, but yours be done”. We all habe to face moments like that where we have to trust God in all things. Concede our plans and ideas. we always have to look to God as our helper.
No matter what we face or come up against, we dont have to face things alone.

This particular passage of scripture really speaks volumes and I recommend every body to re read Jesus in the Garden of Gesthamane. ( Luke 22:39-46)

Have a prayerful Day,


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