Empowering Thought for Today:  11 Characteristics of a Skilled Warrior in the Kingdom of God 

many of us are losing our faith in Christ.  We go home defeated week after week after week.  Why?  There are many reasons for this :  Babe in Christ, carnality, laziness and unknowledgable.  This is an introduction of some characteristics that are demonstrated in the Word of God by courageous men and women who followed God/Jesus.  Over the next few weeks I will take these individually and go more in depth about the characteristics as believers we must possess in order to stand in our faith .
1.  Be intimate with God-  become his friend

2.  Know your assignment

3. Know how your enemy operates

4.  Know your identity in Christ

5.sharpen and use your weapons properly

6.  Preparation

7.  Listening and being led by The HS

8.  Rest

9.  Prayer and Intercession

10.  Endurance

11.  Imitate your leader ( Christ)

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