Empowering Thought for Today: The Devil is a bully, but don’t let him bully you!

I have to write this disclaimer: I do not uphold violence!

There’s a lesson to be learn from former Pre-K students who happened to be my son and my nephew who are now 22 years old. When they were four, they didn’t play much in the classroom together because of different interests, but once they hit the playground they were playmates.

There was a four year old terror in the class. He would hit girls, boys, and teachers. The teachers shared with his parent without seeing any real change.

Well in the classroom this child decided he would hit my son, I guess his cousin took note of it. I went to pick him up and was informed by the teachers that my son and nephew along with their other playmate had gotten him in a corner and bullied him back. I wasn’t proud of them but the teacher actually told me we made sure no one got hurt and we turned our head. Guess what? He never bullied anyone else again!

Now, again I’m not promoting violence or unfair student treatment among Pre-k Teachers, there’s a lesson here: You have to take care of bullies or they will keep harassing you. Second, sometimes you need reinforcement for certain bullies.

The lesson: The Devil,who is a loser by the way comes to harass you, kill you and destroy you, especially if you LET him. You cannot compromise with a bully ! You stand up against a bully , even if you think you’re going to lose.

In our case as believers we already won if you came to fight and if you need reinforcements they are other believers who will backed you up.

One believer Can chase a thousand; two ten thousand! My God what can 10, 30, 100, 500, or a million do? Get the point? If you have put down your weapons because life is a little difficult , pick them back up and fight, fight, fight . Jesus sent him home with his tail tucked between his legs, so stand in the victory Jesus has won for you!

Remember, chase that bully home!


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