Empowering Thought for Today: My thoughts on Turning Fifty(50)

I just turned 50 as if February 1st. While many woman are claiming to go back in time that was never an issue for me. I was always grateful and thankful to God that I was the age I was. The reason being is: many my age died before ever seeing fifty. I lost many loved ones to the crack epidemic.

I’ve always been outgoing, charismatic, generous and fun-loving but I can Also be a loner, impatient, and a have a biting edge to my personality .

At fifty there are some things I don’t have time for that I made more room for in my younger moments. Here is my short list :

1. No time for others to interrupt my relationship with God with their opinions about how much/little time I (operative word ) need to spend with him.

2. I really, really don’t have energy into griping about this or that. I’m older I can use my time more efficiently.

3. Learning contentment
4. Embracing my uniqueness therefore appreciating others uniqueness.
5. Don’t have time for users. Self explanatory
6. Don’t time for people who don’t have time for me!

God has akways been faithful to add and remove and keep those he want in my circle I think I will let him keep doing a great job.

7. Don’t do fake
8. I mind my business. Unless it’s scandal then I can be nosey , judgmental and opinionated because after all it’s fiction.
9. Could care less what you think of me
10. Learn how to take more wise risks(oxymoron)

Wisdom does not always come with age but that’s my goal: to be wiser, loving (with truth) and to have a voice and to have the right to be silent not silence!

This is a grown up’s world and I’ve come this far by faith.

Lady P.

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