Empowering Thought for Today: Jesus is Praying for You!

Wow! What a thought. Hebrews 7:25 states that “Jesus is making petitions and always intervening for us to God”. I don’t know about you, this places a peace and excitement in my heart. When I think of all the things that come to weigh me down and to attack my faith, this makes me stand tall in the confidence of God: Jesus is praying for me. I love to pray for people it’s an honor and privilege to do such a wonderful task. To serve others. My prayers are nothing in comparison to the prayers Jesus is praying for me. Perfect prayers, prayers that declare God’s goodness and mercy over my life. Prayers filled with expectation and faith. Stop for a second and just take that in: Jesus is praying for you! It cannot get any better than that. I’ve got The a Hallelujah Mode of praise going. I don’t have to worry because Jesus never stops praying for me! P. Follow my blog at: crosbyp12003@wordpress.com or http://www.empoweringyouministry.org

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