Empowering Thought for Today: We Walk by FAITH not REASONING!

Reasoning, logic, your own opinions, inferences, common sense, and philosophies of others will ruin your faith.

Faith does not care about your reasoning, your logic, nor your common sense , faith doesn’t operate by what is proven and seen. Faith operates by things that are not seen but will be proven.

I stop saying to God “I Don’t understand” because it’s true I don’t and God doesn’t have to explain it to me either. I realized that if I understood what will I do about it anyway ?

We all have circumstances that are beyond our control and logic. Peter discovered thus when Jesus told him to cast his net. Out of his reasoning being the master fisherman he was he knew by common sense: fish aren’t caught at night ( because it’s hard to see). And we have been doing this for a while and no fish.

Jesus was trying to teach Peter that in spite of what he thought he knew he needed to trust and obey Jesus. Wasn’t Jesus there it was obvious he could see that they didn’t catch anything . Do you find yourself explaining the obvious to God?

Jesus wasn’t put off by Peters response because he was getting ready for his lesson in trust and faith. Peter told Jesus basically “. Doesn’t make but at your word I’ll cast my net again “. ( my paraphrase ). There were so many fish that he couldn’t contain them, even ask John and James to help.

Sounds like blessings and an overflow of them . That’s exactly what Jesus want to do for us: give us a miracle but we cannot reason when it comes to The Kingdom of God. God never tells us to: Walk by reasoning and your sight!


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