Empowering Thought for Today: Don’t count yourself Out!

I’m very outgoing but I was not very popular in school. I wore thick glasses and I looked anorexic. In twelfth grade I became popular because I could sing and dance. The whole school knew me then because of a talent show I had done.

In my senior year, boys were interested but the rejection I had received made me have an attitude of: when I graduate I can leave you all behind. I really made that vow because when someone from high school remember me I had forgotten them because of the trauma I went through.

I grew up and no one really told me I was smart, pretty, kind etc. I didn’t receive much affirmation in my household. As a result , I didn’t always feel the greatest about myself.

Being born again has help me find my identity in Christ. I know that social status , position, titles nor money can fill voids. Only CHRIST !

Zachaeus a little man who was a wealthy tax collector that just wanted to get a view of Jesus had to get in a tree to see him. Probably wasn’t popular and probably ridiculed for his lack of stature. Jesus comes by and tells him I’m visiting your house today.

Jesus validated Zachaeus internally and externally. He brought wholeness to him by saying “no matter your status in life; you are valuable and an asset”

So, don’t count yourself out because jesus has counted you as valuable even when others cannot or will not see it. (Luke :19:1-10)


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