Empowering Thought for Today: God NEVER Rejects us! NEVER

As a child I literally hated the word “no”, especially as it pertain to something I wanted. I grew up with a spirit of rejection which hindered my ability to see things from their proper prospective .

The truth is rejection doesn’t feel good and I must say as a young person I was always trying to be in the “coolest groups”. When I tried to push my way I was rejected . The people knew better than me that I didn’t belong with them and it wasn’t the reasons that I thought such as, I wasn’t pretty, smart it funny. Those people by the Spirit could see this girl is different! The problem I didn’t see myself that worthy.

Although many believers are saved and speak in tongues they carry within this spirit if rejection. Yes I must tell you many believe God rejects them.
Of course, many won’t admit it sitting behind the facade of religion.

God does say no to things that will harm us, but if you insist…….. The truth is God never rejects us; he may not always agree with our decisions that are not his intention but he never puts us down or tell us you’re not good enough. We were never good enough. That’s why Jesus came.

My mother told me “no” because she knew that the thing that I wanted wasn’t good for me. At times I had temper tantrums and pouting sessions, she still said NO but what she didn’t do after all I had did was reject me As her daughter.

It is the same with God and he’s much more Just and Righteous than others.

Remember , Jesus left the ninety-nine to go get one. You know why because you belong to him and therefore you’re valuable !

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