Empowering Thought for Today: Back against the Wall? Jump over the wall with Praise!

My best times to hear God is in my car.  It’s quiet and I’m just listening for The Holy Spirit to drop some nuggets.

We can all agree there is a lot going on in the world and in our present circumstances.  People do a lot of things to relieve pressure and stress in times of difficulty.  Some may exercise, take a hot bath and take a nap.  Whatever they do believers have to take it one step further.

Bubble baths are not going to do it when we are fighting a spiritual battle.  Exercise won’t help you with a spiritual Attack at all.  

Last Christmas I made a mistake with our finances and there was NO MORE MONEY and my sons tuition was due on December 22nd.  At first,  I must admit I panicked and told every friend who would listen my sad story.  After I had my moment I needed answers on what to do.  No I didn’t call the elders of the church, neither did I borrow money.  I began to praise God,  yes I did and there was no answer right away!  Because I had to wait a bit I was willing to ket God know although I had messed up I was going to trust him to help me out.

God did just that!  My son continued to school and all our bills got paid , we ate well and yes I still gave.

The Psalmist tell us “Let everything that hath breath, praise The Lord”.  (Psalm 150:6). Do you have breath?  Then bellow out some praise!


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