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Empowering Thought for Today: Use your Sword to cut off the Head of your Enemy!

When I was young I heard many people talk about how to kill a snake. Many said you cut their head off!

God has given us many weapons to fight with but our weapons are not fleshly there spiritual .

Many people are fearful of demons or don’t believe in them, both are deadly deceptions.

Your sword is using The Word of God. God says his words will not return back to him without accomplishing what is was suppose too .

Many want to pray out of emotion and intellect but this will not win you a spiritual victory ! In order to use your weapon effectively you must become familiar with how it operates. It’s not enough to read the bible like you’re reading a newspaper.

The bible declares the Word of God is a 2 edge sword-this means it cuts going in and cuts going out.

We should not play at all with The a Enemy we need to cut off every infection and wound by the power of God’s Word. We cannot be a hearer only but a doer of his word .


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People lives are at stake! Your life is at stake ! So, take your weapon and do damage to your enemy because No Weapon formed against you will prosper!