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Homeschooling Year Round: Dreaded subjects

Parents are their children’s first teacher! Although many people will come into your child’s life and teach many things! The debate with homeschooling for those that do not is: Are parents qualified to teach? I was a teacher and studying education and certification helped little in teaching children.

I was taught a lot of other menial tasks but how to teach wasn’t one of them.

I hated to do science. I didn’t care for it in school nor did I do well. Math was another subject. Let’s get this straight being a teacher helped but not as much as you think.

I had to search a minute for a decent science curriculum: Shout out to Apologia! Wow made me fall in love again with God and his creativity.

Math I use plain old guide and a lot of hands on math activities.

The bottom line is this, parents are capable of teaching their children and if there’s a subject you can get a handle on theirs other tutors and parents to talk with. What do you think parents of school children do when their child is behind in a subject? Get a tutor!

So, this assessment of parents who homeschool is ridiculous!

-Priscilla, Homeschooling mom of twins