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Empowering Thought for Today: Pray the Miraculous and God will do The Miraculous!

I remember when physicians looked at me and decreed over my life that I would never have children .

I recalled walking down Peach Tree Street crying, just bawling. I had wonderful believers that told me to get it together because God has the final word!

I remembering praying each one of my children into existence . I specifically prayed for a girl, got one. The twins were Gods abundant surprise.

I’ve only heard God speak audibly in my life 3 times and he told me you’re going to have a baby.

I got pregnant quickly lost one then another . I felt like a elephant because my body seem to never recover from pregnancy mode.

I thought what Hod told me was my OWN imagination! I almost baked out and lost my life .

I had a negative Ob/Gyn who spoke negativity over me. I asked for another physician. Every Time I was in this negative doctors presence I spoke in tongues so she could hear me. She was reprimanded for her insensitive and rude remarks .

I was pregnant again and they thought I was losing this child……after a long weekend of waiting for test results I found out I was having twins.

My point Hannah prayed for a child and God granted a miracle to a dried up , helpless snd hopeless womb.

Pray a miracle and God will do a Miracle😋


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Empowering Thought for Today: God has not Forgotten YOU!

This morning feeling sore as I take on the challenge of losing weight and getting fit. In the middle of my thoughts this day I was thinking about my favorite story in the Bible: Hagar-when she ran away from Sarah. The Angel of The Lord called out to her in her desperation and fear and began yo prophesy and counsel her about her situation. He made a promise to her about her child she was having. At the end of that encounter she said ” He’s the God that sees me”.

One thing we can be certain of God has not forgotten nor forsaken us. Today is a day I needed to be reminded of that .

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