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Take the “Praise Challenge”

We are inundated with negativity on a daily basis. When another human being is kind to another human being one is suspicious. We can pass all the laws we like but we can never change someone’s moral compass with the stroke of a pen.

As believers we are commander to give God “thanks”. Many of us worship God when everything is great; others worship God when they “feel ” like doing so.

Can I be honest? In my life things aren’t always going good and I don’t always feel like praising God. The Psalmist tells us that everything that has breath should praise God. In the book of Luke there were 10 Lepers that Jesus healed only one came back and he wasn’t a believer( a Samaritian). Jesus even said “wasn’t it ten of you”?

You’re challenge is to give God praise for 10 minutes. If you have trouble ask God for help; if you do not then keep going. Do it all day long, everyday, 365 days a week and watch the power of God manifest in your life in a powerful way.

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You’re A Winner!

I have been saved since I was 14 I am now 48. When I came to Jesus they told me everything will be alright. It was and it wasn’t . Life is hard for the believer just as much for the unbeliever; we just handle it different because we have a winner who lives on the inside.

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You are a winner everyday , all day, 365 days a week.



See Jesus Again with Fresh Eyes

Jesus met a blind man in which is recorded in the boom of John 9:1-7. He made this man a spit and mud concoction to heal his sight.

Jesus told the man to go away and wash in the Pool of Siloam; he did when he came back to his residence he could see.

God wants to touch us over and over again. We through out broken, stale , useless things but God delights in brokenness . David said a broken and contrite spirit I will not despise.

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And listen to the ways we can receive a fresh anointing from God.



Give Yourself a Pep Talk

1st Samuel 6:30 says David encouraged and strengthen himself in The Lord his God.

We all face times where things can be overwhelming and downright crushing to our soul.

Instead of freaking out and worrying David goes to God. I give 5 ways we can strengthen ourselves doing trying times. The first way is to Pray! No matter what is going down, on or around us we must pray. To find out the other four go to

Take sometime and give yourself pep talk.


Who told you that you were naked?

The lies we believe from the enemy, others and even ourselves can cause us to be immobilized with fear. Acting out a life that is not the one God intended for you to have.

The serpent deceived Eve who in turned deceived her husband and both were left with facing different destinies because the Devil had lied to Eve and she bought into if.

Read Gen. 3:1-11.

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God wants to build houses and You’re the house God wants to Build

In 1st Corinthians 6:17-20 We are told by the Apostle Paul our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.

We have been bought with a price;therefore glorify God In your body.

Many in Christendom ever touches holiness anymore we are more interested in political correctness but scripture says we must take care of our temples Jo ands, ifs, or buts about it.

He who began a good work in you WILL complete it: Philippians 1:6

Glorify God in your body, temple or house and walk away not only from sexual immorality but any immorality and/or sin.

Gossip, lying, deceitfulness, etc. holiness is not an outward appearance but holiness is a manifestation of the Fruit of the Spirit in your life.

God Bless, P.