Empowering Word for Today:  Waiting on God shouldn’t become a Weight!

I am not know for my patience.  God has been very faithful to work that fruit if the Spirit in my life every chance he gets!

People who are not “waiters” usually are not very patient .  These characteristics can cause individuals to make rash and I’ll guarded decisions.  An unwillingness to wait also indicates a lack of maturity and intolerance.

Waiting on the Lord has more to do with trust than it does you sitting around doing nothing but saying you’re are waiting.  Believers have made waiting a “weight”.  I’ve been waiting on my healing; I’ve been waiting on my husband/wife; I’ve been waiting to prosper?  I don’t know who you’re waiting on but that type of waiting is not God.

Waiting means “expectations and hope”.  Waiting on God means basically trusting him with your life.  That’s what it means for Jesus to be Lord.  

Jeremiah 29:11 also tells us that God has a good plan for our life and that evil towards you is not in the plan.

We all have to get to the place and maturity where we really surrender everything to Jesus.  Where even though it looks crazy we still know God is going to work it out for our Good.

Romans 8: 28

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