I homeschool Year Round: Having Fun Writing

Writing can be treacherous for most boys and it is no different with my twins . I don’t have statistics but most High schoolers taking The SAT complain about the writing or have difficulty organizing their thoughts, especially males.

My goal as a homeschooling mother and former educator is to help boys organize their thoughts. I have relied on many resources to help me guide the writing process.

Here are some tools I use:

1. Graphic Organizers- I look on Pinterest or Teachers Paying teachers
2. Draw pictures(illustrations) stories do not have to be full if words.
3. Use video and oral presentations to tell stories(especially if your child has a LD.

4. Someone else can dictate their story
5. Act out your story.

The problem with traditional school is so much stifling of creativity with worksheets.

The BraveWriter and my own ideas have help me make our Writing Workshop time fun. I have young ones (4th grade). 20-30 minutes top and oh , I forgot my children love doing comics-how can you not be creative with that?

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